what's a girl to do

  • Sometimes I eat healthy.
  • Sometimes I do not.
  • Moving {offices}.
  • Pixie and I have been together for over a week now. And I'm still liking her. And she hasn't gone psycho on me yet. I think she's a keeper.
  • Sherman eats frozen custard. Is there anything better than free doggy cones? I think not.
What's a girl to do when her husband runs off to New Orleans for the weekend?
 Apparently go shopping (yes, even me). And get a massage.
And go shopping some more.
And take a few pictures of some of my new purchases.
No worries that it was almost 60 degrees outside.

You know the funny thing about me and shopping though?
Well, first it's pretty funny that I even go shopping. As you know, it usually takes a lot to get me out and about to spend money. But, I've done it two weekends in a row now. Something is terribly wrong. The second funny thing is that once I find something I like ... I buy one in every color. 
No joke.

I find a pair of brown boots I like ... I'll buy them in black. 
I find a pair of skinnies I like, I'll buy them in every color. The exact same pair of skinnies in every color of the rainbow if they have them.
Told ya.

And now you're probably wondering who in the world took these amazing
{not so amazing} photos of me.
This guy.
I know.
I was shocked too.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Is it Friday yet?


  1. What cute photos Sherman took! I love the hat, and your hair cut! :)

  2. Man, Sherman has more talent than I thought.
    Loving your haircut!

  3. I love your hat<3 and your hair<3 :)

  4. I'm the same way with shopping. Its hard for me to find something I like so when I do I buy it in all the colors the store has. Sherman has a way with that camera!

  5. Totally get what you're saying about buying multiple things in different colors!! My favorite cognac boots, I just bought them in coffee color! My favorite indigo jeggings, just bought them in black!!

    Cute pictures!!!


  6. Lol - Sherman sure takes some good pictures! :)

    Sometimes, you just want to shop! And I GET wanting something in every color. Unfortunately...

  7. Your pup did such a good job taking pictures of you ;)

  8. Donuts are my favorite. So are cozy hats and scarves... in all colors. You look ready for the fall/winter now!

  9. You look so cute in your haircut and hat!! :) And P.S. - those donuts look yummy!!

  10. you look so cute with the short hair, i love it.
    love that hat and i'm the same way when i go shopping.
    i buy something in multiples if i love it. haha.


  11. I sometimes buy the same thing in different colors. Specially pants.

  12. You are so photogenic it kills me.
    And I do the same thing (buy stuff in every color, except orange). Paul makes fun of my closet because I'll have an entire stack of long sleeve t-shirts like I just stole the display from the store.


  13. You are seriously the cutest little Pixie I ever have seen!! And Sherm and I have the same diet I see.

  14. You're rocking that pixie well! Those hats and scarves are rocking too!

  15. Oh mah godh! #1 I love your hair #2 your skin is flawless!! Tell me all your secrets!!

  16. I love your pixie cut, and you look so pretty in those new hats.

  17. I can't even stand how perfect that haircut looks on you!!

  18. ok, I too now have a pixie cut (i think we both went short around the same time) but mine isn't nearly as cute as yours! what kind of headbands are you wearing?

    Also- shame on your husband for not bringing you to New Orleans!!! I think you should come down and visit NOLA and then we could chat and you can leave him home!

    and where did you find the cute hats and scarves? I'm a multiples-buyer too. I am pretty sure I have the same microfiber tee from JCPenney in like 8 colors. LOL

  19. I love how you refer to your haircut in the third person, it makes me giggle. And I also buy things I like in multiple colors...its a sickness:)

  20. Oh laws, Sherm doesn't take photos tiff.

    I bought my niece the same shirt in three different colors for her birthday. only because they were cute and on CLEARANCE. that's the real reason.

  21. I was only two hours away from my husband this weekend, and I still went on a shopping spree. Whoops! I swear I bought at least one Christmas gift so it was productive. I need to know where the hats and scarves are from, pleaseandthankyou. They're adorable, just like your haircut :)

  22. Sounds like your turning into a SHOPAHOLIC.... uh oh :P

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  23. haha Love the healthy eating one... and you def get a shopping trip!


    Love your hair! Sassy hair for a sassy girl!!!

  25. Glad you got to shop and then show off your new purchases! And your hair is still looking great girl! You should definitely keep it!

  26. Wow, Sherman is talented! Love the hat.

  27. doggy cones?? what place is giving out free doggy cones? my pups would love some free cones. and i love the apples to donuts contrast yesterday was definitely a not eat healthy day starting off with two donuts in the morning!

  28. Haha love that Sherman takes over for Dan when he's not around :)


  29. You go girl - hats/scarfs have to be bough in sets and multiples! Great purchases!
    And I am still swooning over your new hair-do, pretty lady!

  30. I love your hat (and your hair!) and also Sherman's doggie cone! Cute. :)

  31. Um, you're the cutest. The end.

  32. I mean I knew Sherm was talented, but wowza! Cute hats BTW!

  33. You are seriously adorable. I love your pixie cut. And your hat and scarf. Please be my neighbor one day.

  34. Adorable hats! Looks grat with you cute haircut. I am glad I came across you blog, love it!

    Now a follower :)


  35. I like the haircut! And Sherman is so cute. He looks like he wants to finish the custard as fast as he can!

  36. Just catching up on your blog!! The pixie is...adorable!! LOVE it.

  37. really cute knits... I can't get enough of chunky knits :)
    Abi K


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