what I know about bees

So this post is gonna be short and sweet. Get it? Sweet?
But why so short? Well, I promised a while back that I'd post about Dan the beekeeper, and this crazy hobby of his. Hobby #149. But, then I realized that I know nothing about this hobby #149. Kind of like his other 200+ hobbies. So, I guess I'll show you pictures. And tell you what I do know.
I do know that Dan spends a lot of time out in the garage. 
Building these things. Or hiding from me. One or the other.
So he builds these things called frames. Frames that somehow get put together and go into his hives. And speaking of hives ...
I also know that Dan has 5 hives (two shown above) out in Odessa, MO.
In KSU purple, of course. And I know that he wants to get 2 more for a total of 7 hives. Look at me being a mathematician. Oh and I know that this is as close as I have gotten to the hives. I'm not a big fan of bees. 
And speaking of not being a fan.
I know that Sherm's not a big fan of Dan's bee costume.
And Dan's not a fan of having to wear it for pictures for my blog.
But I sure am. It's so hot.
I'm kidding.
And finally. I know I love honey.
Lots and lots of glorious honey.
And if you would like to know anything else ... just let me know.
I can ask Dan the beekeeper and get back to you.


  1. this would be my husband's dream and my nightmare. there is this old bee keeper man down the road and he loves going to see his bees. I hate it and stand way back!!

  2. So much gorgeous honey! I would love such a unique hobby, or knowing some one that does this just for the delicious gifts it brings!

  3. Oh I love Honey! My father in law is a beekeeper and keeps us well stocked! I use it for everything!

  4. so cool, my guy has a gazillion hobbies too so i know the feeling of trying to keep track! but this is a really neat one, i love honey!!!

  5. um your hobby #149 is cooler than any of my hobbies, life experiences, etc!

  6. I want to know what you do with all that honey?? I actually just bought a bottle the other day and don't really know what to do with it! I mean, I'm sure I could cook with it, but I don't really cook so... any ideas? :D

  7. Oh my gosh, send me some of that honey ASAP.

    I'm totally afraid of bees too. Especially since I've never been stung by them, or anything for that matter, and I'd like to keep it that way!

  8. Honey looks amazing!
    I use it in black red bush tea with fresh ginger! Helps fight colds too;)
    You are so luck to get it so freshly!
    Lulu x

  9. I'm not a fan of bees....... Two weeks ago I was at the beach (in FL) and was stung by a bee. YEP off to Urgent Care I went on vacation. I'm pretty sure I could never, ever be a bee keeper. Or have married one. LOL. However I do like the honey and for some reason I huge flower garden. Every once in awhile Joe will see me running in the yard, yep from a bee.

  10. Holy honey! Send me some! :) Hahaha

  11. That is a lot of honey! I love the picture of Dan in the outfit and Sherman looking at him like he is crazy! :)

  12. 1. I would like to know... crap. Nothing I'd like to know, at least not that I know of.
    2. The bee hat is funny, but his expression is funnier. And that you called it a "costume", although that may be the proper term. But I imagine Dan with a closet full of costumes- one for each hobby. "Today, I am a mariachi maraca player!!" "Today, I am a woodcarver!" (That last costume consists of lederhosen in my head. Not that I'm picturing Dan in lederhosen, well, I am, but not in an "uh-huh-huh" way. Clearly my mind was formed by the Grimm brothers.)
    3. I just ate honey. For the second meal in a row. I need to send you my address and five dollars, or whatever shipping and honey cost is these days.
    4. You are the prettiest honey model there ever was. This whole post has me thinking of this episode: http://pushing-daisies.wikia.com/wiki/Episode_201:_Bzzzzzzzz!

    Honey. Honey.

    Just wanted to say it some more. YUM.

  13. When I first read your title I thought you said, "I love Biebs" as in Justin B.. and I was very confused.

    Then I saw Dan.
    I saw the beehives.
    I thought of a horribly sad movie involving bees.
    Then I saw Sherm.
    And I love him.
    Then I saw you with all that honey..
    and I thought of cavities.
    Then I got to the comment forum and unleashed this S*** storm.

  14. Haha... short and sweet... I know that I avoid bees at all costs, but love their honey. Good thing there are guys like Dan who are willing to go out into the battle field and get it for us!

  15. ha! loved how you ended the post "dan the beekeeper"
    this is something i really wanted to do as a kid! up until a few weeks ago, i had never been stung by a bee so i didn't have any fear of them at all. even after i got stung, i still think i'd like to do it. i actually have neighbors who keep bees

  16. You are so good at sharing your husband's hobbies. I mean, you got him to throw his beekeeping hood on, just for us. That is dedication. He is a lucky, lucky man.

    And you are so lucky to have all of that honey.

  17. My husband is a man of many hobbies too...I'm sure this is one he could get into. So cool!! And that last picture of you...stunning. Model material girlfriend. :)

  18. I love the bear jars! Beekeeping not so much...we had bees when I was young and they swarmed and it was summer and all I remember is alot of screaming and trying to shut open windows!

  19. fantastic! I'm dying to try this one day


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