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So it's Friday. And I feel like Fridays should be funny. 
But because {after my first week at a new job} I feel kind of like that dog looks ...
I'm leaving it up to a few others to make you laugh today.
First up. My underwater dogs.
If you haven't seen these guys ... I would suggest going over here
and checking them all out. There are 23 of them.

Second up, we've got a girl who has a blog. But not just any blog. A blog that makes my blog jealous. Really. If blogs can be jealous of one another, mine is jealous of hers. I really don't even know how to introduce this fellow blogger. She's a blogger. She's a comedian. She's a writer. She's hilarious. Her posts seriously bring me to tears (in the best way possible).

I guess that counts as an introduction.
Or it counts as me coming on to a girl. Or a blog.
So without further ado, I bring you Taylor.
And Harlow (Sherman's bff) ...

Sherman and Harlow- One in the Same
By The Daily Tay
(And when I'm not going by my blog name I also go by Taylor, as well.)
One of the greatest injustices in this world
is the fact that these two dogs have not (yet) met each other.
And the second injustice in this world would be that these
two toddlers never got to meet and exchange haircut tips.
But low and behold, they would both grow up to be bloggers,
on which they would have their very own platform to talk about their great new 'dos
on a regular basis.

Tiff's do looks great.
Mine looks like I cut my own bangs.
Oh wait... That's exactly what I did.
But let's get back to what's important here.
The fact that Tiff and I basically have the same dog.

They both love swings.
Although Sherman is kind enough to let Tiff swing.
Harlow goes absolutely nuts if I even attempt to get on a swing without him.
I think this just means Sherman's more open minded and is totally fine with his mama being a swinger.

Harlow and Sherman both have a passion for fashion.
Which makes sense considering Tiff and I are two of the biggest
fashion bloggers in blogland... uhhh... yeah.

They are both advocates for a cleaner earth.
On a regular basis you can find both our pups with a mouthful of trash.

They both like to chew.
Couches. Beer cans. Shoes. Beds. Remote controls. Coffee tables. Books. Coats. Clocks. Vases.
You name it, I bet one of the two of them has chewed it.

I don't think I need to go on, you get the point.
The point is both Tiff and I are completely obsessed with our dogs.
And now before I go I'm going to leave you with one more piece of dog love.

What We Can Learn from Dogs

Pills are better wrapped in turkey. 
Running shoes mean it's go-time.
Bury your bones for a rainy day.
Never pass on a car ride just for the fun of it.
Greet the ones you love with enthusiam.
Be loyal.
Nothing beats a good day on the couch.
Take risks (like laying on the forbidden couch.)
Bask in the sun just because it feels good.
A good scratch behind the ears, or under the neck, can cure anything.
Squirrels are not to be trusted.
The best shade in the backyard is behind the bushes near the alley.
When you hear a good song, howl it at the top of your lungs.
Life is too short not to lick a plate.
Enjoy the small things.
Welcome every new day with your tail wagging.

Written for Jagz (Harlow's cousin)
2000-2012 Rip little buddy.
And by little, I mean big, Jagz was a Doberman.

And that's all I've got today. Stop by sometime if you'd like to see more Harlow pics.
But don't worry, I'm not always posting about dogs. Sometimes I talk about squirrels, too.
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Winner of last week's giveaway was ... Kristine {The Foley Fam}
Congrats Kristine! I will be emailing you.


  1. I love this especially the dog lessons. <3 I have one of my own, so I completely understand your adoration for your dog. Dogs are simply amazing.

  2. those pictures are so funny! and love her blog!

  3. I never realized the parallels between the two of you, but I love both of your blogs! :) I have good taste, obvi.

  4. Hahaha Thanks for the laugh. Im a huge fan on The Daily Tay. I hope someday Harlow and Sherman meet! Their mom's obviously have a lot in common.

  5. Love the underwater dogs! You/Taylor/Sherman/Harlow are a get combination and made my morning much happier!

  6. I won't lie...those underwater dogs just made my day. :) Thanks for a good giggle!!!

  7. Harlow and I just got home from running from the police, I'm sweaty and hot and hungry. But you called me a comedia so now I'm in a good mood again.

  8. *comedian. unless "comedia" means the female version.

  9. haha thanks for the smile! happy friday!

  10. I love anyone who is obsessed with their pet! Yay pet people. :)

  11. Aww, that poem got me all sad-smiling... love it! We seriously need to have a Blog-Dog Extravaganza. We just have to get Petsmartco to sponsor it...

  12. LMAO those underwater dogs are hilarious, but also a bit ferocious looking!

  13. Those photos are so delightful! You have a great blog! I'd love for you to stop by mine and follow if you'd like (I'll follow you back if you want!).

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  14. i love those dog pics.. I saw there's a book out now all with these pictures!

  15. I loved the pictures of the dogs! It's Tuesday here but I'd definitely rather it be Friday funnies!


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