my kind of blogging

Notice the missing armrest.
Yup. We still have the couch.
So if I decide to just start taking pictures of myself in my pajamas ... would that count as fashion blogging? Because I would be all over that. Several of you have asked where I got my pj pants from. This shocked the crap out of me. No one ever asks where I get my clothes from. Let alone my pajamas. You guys are kind of nosy. I like it. :)

And so, how could I resist a good ole' fashion blog post?
In my pajamas. Without any makeup.
While sitting on the couch.

The pants are from Target. And so is the matching shirt.
And the matching hoodie is from Target too.
Matchy-matchy. I am slowly but surely turning into my mother.
Or my grandmother. Is anyone else still in their 20s yet feel the need to be
matchy-matchy sometimes?
In other news ...
I took some pictures for a good friend of mine over the weekend.
But I forgot to get permission from her to post them on my blog.
So I'm just showing you their butts.
Aren't they cute?
Them as a family. Not their butts.
And the front-side of their sweet pup.

And now I want need a boxer.


  1. I was wondering where you got those pjs! I can't get over Sherm's head on your lap, precious!!

  2. You make me laugh out loud at the end of a very blue Monday and I could not love you more for it!!!

  3. PS If I looked that gorgeous without make up I would never touch the stuff again.

  4. omgosh, adorable!! i think you look so great in your pj's and no makeup- just beautiful! and you are representing all the girls out there (like me) who love jammies and couch time :)

  5. Sloan's a boxer cross... and yes. They are the completely lovable goofballs of the dog world.
    Also, I'm going to agree to the whole "you are so gorgeous and if I were you I'd walk around in pajamas with no makeup everyday" bandwagon. I currently have EIGHT recovering pimples, because
    My name is Gesci and I am a nearly-thirty pimple picker.


    Happy short week!

  6. Dude, I chilled in my jammies this whole weekend! No shame. Nooooooooo shame!!

  7. gosh, i just want your puppy.


  8. By golly this post is FULL of love. Hope you have a fabulous thanksgiving ;)

  9. I have read somewhere that "anyone" can make $5000.00 a day, blogging. In pjs. This hasn't happened for me yet. I must be wearing the wrong jammies ;)

  10. Oh my gosh! That Boxer is ADORABLE! My favorite dog breed!

  11. haha! Both of the dogs are so cute! I love your pj's too!

  12. Hahaha- love the pajamas! I only feel the need to get matchy when the pics will be on my blog! Love the pics- that dog is too cute!

  13. Ok I love your pj's! And that dog is so cute, so are your photos!

  14. I love the PJs. My friends tell me I can't even match my clothes so GO YOU! I think I need a boxer now.

  15. Um, I absolutely think that p.j. wearing can count as fashion blogging! LOVE the pants.

    Sherm also seems to appreciate this kind of blogging.

    My kinda dog.

  16. Um I just can't get over how much I love your hair like that! Thanks again for the fab pics...everyone loved them and I love that sweet pic of Lu! xoxo

  17. That boxer is adorable. Love your pajamas...and for the record, this is one of my favorite fashion posts EVER. ; ) I think you need to do this whole pajama post thing more often. I'm kind of in a yoga pants/hoodie rut. ; )

  18. I would make an awesome fashion blogger if it was just photographs of me in different pj's that I could do, easily. Right now I'm rocking a onesie, it is the comfiest thing. And I don't fit in your twenties bracket, but pj's have to match!

  19. You are NOT supposed to look adorable lounging on the couch! In matching jammies, no less. I have a faded sweatshirt and ugly black sweatpants on. I've been one upped:)

  20. You make pjs and no makeup cool girlfriend. Haha. I love Sherm's face in that first picture...he just loves you. :)

  21. I only buy PJ's from the Targets. Although right now my "pj's" are grey sweatpants from the men's department. Not as stylish. Especially cause they are super high in the waist so I have to roll them down a million times. Haha!

    Also, if Alex and I EVER get a pup, it will be a boxer in his mind. They are great dogs. I like them, too. But, I also like weimaraners. So I'll likely win. Hehe. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving week! I've been so behind on blogging! Much to catch up on your blog. ;)

  22. Only Tiff would do an outfit post on Pajamas. And be cute at the same time. The only thing that could top this would be if Sherm had matching Pajamas.

  23. I buy many twin-sets, because matchiness is awesomeness.

    Fact: Ammon and I want one lab, one boxer, and one pit bull. At the same time. We are negotiating the order in which they go. Obviously, I have no doubt I can convince him that the lab is the right choice for dog #1.

  24. That's you without any makeup on?! OK. That's it. I officially hate you! :)

  25. That's totally my kind of blogging and "fashion" pics.. With my dogs, chillin after a long day at work. My pictures usually range from our dogs (which I'm obsessed with lol), me posting yoga poses, scenic pictures and then my "fashion" posts, which entail my yoga wear, which as you can imagine, is just fantabulous. haha.



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