my biggest fear

Apparently I'm still in Halloween mode, talking about fears and all.
Maybe it's because Dan won our little fight and I'm still sulking about
Sherman not getting dressed up like a dirty martini.
But there's always next year.

So I don't have many fears. And I'm definitely not one to concentrate on the things I'm scared of. But if I had to admit to one (which I do, because I started this post with "my biggest fear") I'd probably say that my biggest fear is not being able to have kids. One day. When we're ready.

Well, that and spiders.
And forgetting to bring my 10 o'clock snack to work.
One time I forgot. That was a really bad day.
But for the most part, it's not being able to have kiddos.

BUT ... then I remember.
I'd be just fine.
Because I've got my dog.
And about 50+ other dogs who live over here that I like to claim too.
And my dog and I hang out.
And stare at each other.
And eat rice cakes together.
Yes, it's as exciting as it looks.
Maybe we should all say a little prayer that I'll be able to have kids one day.
But first I need to go to Chicago in December. Mexico in January.
Skiing in February. And maybe drink a few bottles of wine. :)

Oh and if you like my scarf, I got it from Target.
Actually that's a lie. I got it from Old Navy. But I needed a good lead into why I love Target. And why you should love Target. And free Target gift cards. And a certain girl who writes a blog that I read every day. Every day.
And you'll soon see why ...

Hello fellow Coffeehouse fans.

I am so excited to be here today, I have literally been waiting for this day for months. Which should mean that this post was written, polished and waiting as well, but it wasn't. I wrote it just barely in time, probably making Tiff growl at me. In my own defense, I have been pretty busy lately, like visiting countries like Cambodia, and preparing myself to come home from our 6 month stay in Asia.

Enough excuses, let me introduce myself.

My name is Britney.  I like hot dogs, pudding and Fat Tire beer.  I hate romantic movies and cookie dough ice cream.  I am not a real blond and I hate it when my feet stink.  Ohh and I blog over here.
I also add pictures to posts that are completely irrelevant to what I am talking about.  Don't sweat it if you can't figure it out, chances are it's not you, and it really doesn't make any sense.  This is me in Vietnam.
There you go, now you know all the things that don't matter one bit about me, let's get to the important stuff.

I am a mom.
Or I had better be, could you imagine if I posted a picture of somebody else's kid picking her nose with her foot.  How very inappropriate.  

Of course in my world of blog land, I do talk about the kids along with whatever crosses my mind before I drift off to sleep.

I am pretty much all over the board with my ramblings.  From meatloaf to wearing my daughters underwear, to licking my hubbie's face when I meet new people and every thing in between.
Please note the scared/confused  look of the man to hubbie's right; the man that I had just met no more then 10 minutes before.  "Nice to meet you, excuse me while I lick hubby's face."  It is really so adorable.
Lately I have talked whined a lot about being an expat.  In all seriousness it hasn't been that bad.  In fact I have even learned a few things.  Today I want to share some of my wisdom with you.

Here we go.

1) When words fail, or in other words they don't speak my language and I don't speak theirs, talk with my hands.  For example, KFC translated by hand gestures would be licking my fingers like a fool, and rubbing my tummy.  You know finger looking good.  

Take me to monkey forest.  This is to easy.  Obviously I start making the monkey sounds, scratching my head and arm pits.  This is hilarious fun for the kids and they join in as well.  Ridiculous you say, well look where we ended up.  You can bet we saw monkeys that day.
This is me and my very special friend in Bali...in, you guessed it Monkey Forest.
2) Don't ask questions if the answers might scare you.  I have found this to be specially true when it comes to food.  What is this, beef, dog, octopus?  Doesn't matter, eat it.  Don't think about it, don't question it.
3) How to use a squatter.
Good times right!  For sure.  If a picture of a squatter toilet doesn't convince you to click on over to my piece of crazy I am just going to do what everybody does.  Bribe you.
How about a gift card to Target.
How about just in time for the holidays.
How about $35.
That is a much better persuasion then a dirty toilet.  Can't wait to see you here, and become BFF's! Good luck on being a winner, and don't feel bad if you are one of the losers, I will still like you.

Thank you to the moon and back Tiff for letting me post dirty pictures on your blog, and more importantly putting up with my spacey, super slacker blog style. {isn't she the best, a round of applause just for her}

Until we meet again people!

And there you have it.
Your chance to get to know a truly awesome girl.
And the gorgeous aisles of Target.

Go meet Britney and follow her blog via GFC or via Email.
Then leave a little comment below letting me know that you did so.

Winner will be announced one week from today.
Good luck lucky ducks.



  1. Followed Britney's blog!

  2. I love the photos of you and Sherm....it gave me an idea for some photos of Charis and I. Speaking of which if you have a moment spare a thought for my sweet girl. Her hips are a problem and I am going to have to take her to the vet soon just so scared to hear what they are going to say but I dont want her to suffer so its a bit of mess.

    Enjoy your weekend and love on Sherm for Charis, Jessie and I!!

  3. yeah! I already follow her!! (p.s. I'm with you and your biggest fear!)

  4. following Britney :) and everything happens when it is meant to happen, plus by seeing how much you care for sherman i think we all know that you would be a fab mommy :)

  5. I love your hair.

    My hair is still blonde, so I dropped the ball.

    Sometimes I'm scared that I won't be able to have children, but then I think, "Well, that saves me from the aftermath of pushing one out."

    10 o'clock snacks are so important.

  6. Your photos are so cute! I'm loving your hair!! Totally agree on the midmorning snack. I'd be so cranky if I didn't bring my goldfish to work :)


  7. Big kisses to you Britt!! :)

  8. And I have that same fear about kiddos...only time will tell.

  9. totally just entered. i absolutely LOVE Target

  10. I already followed her... does that mean I get two entries? :)

  11. I totally pray that you are able to have kids one day - no one deserves to suffer through infertility. Sherm is pretty darn cute!!!

  12. Following! Gotta love great blogs and Target... :)

  13. I'm following her blog! I'd love a target gift card! :)

  14. i want you to know i didnt read ANY of these words- i was just staring at your silly faces (:

    you have the best smile!!!

    ok.. so i went back and read a little- i am SO in the same boat as you! i feel like, because we are waiting awhile, we will struggle at having kids. and it sends me into a panic because all i've ever wanted to "be" when i grow up was a mother... but i guess my doggies and kitty will suffice, right? i mean... no diapers, no insane screaming at all hours (oh wait... that already happens. stupid dogs), no worrying about proms and getting pregnant at 13 (dogs cant get pregnant at 13 right? especially when they are fixed (;), etc...

    we can just be old lady animal lovers together, k?

  15. I hear you about your fear! I feel the same way.

  16. Following Britney's blog!

    Target is awesome. And Sherman is awesome. And rice cakes are awesome.

  17. I love seeing you and Sher playing around. Doug IS my child, sometimes I question whether or not he actually might have come from my loins... I want to have children ONE day too, and it blows my mind to think that I might love a real baby more than I love my Douglas (could I ever be ready for that kind of love!?)

    Hope you have a great weekend lady!

  18. No, seriously, forgetting your morning snack is serious business. I panic if I do.

  19. Prayer said, my friend...and I assure you, it won't be my last one for you and your journey. Always remember this...in order for miracles to happen, we must truely surrender :) Easier said than done, I know...

  20. Prayers heading your way that your fears will subside! It's out of our control anyways :)
    Anddd I'm now following this hilarious girl you call Britney's blog. The squatter is what did it for me... or maybe the foot nose picking baby. Either one- I'm sold.

  21. Same fear for me. sending you positive thoughts. Thanks for introducing me to Britney's blog, she is hilarious just like you. I'm following and thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Love and of course follow both of you hilarious girls!! Love the pics of you and Sherm, as always. Xoxoxoxo

  23. Totally following her!!! PS I miss you T Double!

  24. The squatter toilet did it for me. :) I've added LOL to my must read list! Have a wonderful day!

    Katie Pea

  25. OMG that toilet is nersty! hahaha!

    I follow her!

  26. You are the funniest thing! I love your sense of humor and how cute you look with that pixie hair and scarf, but cute in a blog love way and not a weird way:) Ha!

  27. I love Brittttttttttttttttttt!

    I love you, and your hair. I've been meaning to tell you but there are just so many comments.

    And I cannot wait, simply cannot wait until you're a mom.

  28. All my prayers to you and hope one day you will have a beautiful bundle of yours. But Sherman looks as if he is doing a great job.

  29. Those pictures of you and Sherman are adorable! Your hair really is so cute. You pull it off girl! Also thanks for introducing Britney, love finding new blogs. I'm now following her!

  30. Sherman is a small pony. Can he just come stay with me a few years, I mean, nights?

  31. Hey there Tiffany! Did you cut your hair?! Well, it looks cute! Also, my dogs are my kids, too....We don't have any kids, but we're hoping. It's a little bit hard with deployments, schedule, and maybe even stress. But I think if and when it's meant to happen, it will happen! And I am jealous of all the fun things you have on your schedule! Hope you're having a wonderful fall season! -Oh,and, um, I'm off to Target (again). Have to buy some produce and look at Christmas decorations! Oh, and so I am entering the Target gift card giveaway! What am i doing?! Almost forgot! Hugs, Jessica L


  32. That dang DOG. I love him And if he is your kid, then I'd say you're pretty freaking lucky. :)

  33. I just followed Britney's blog! My greatest fear is that I won't be able to have children too. Would it be totally awful if I found a way to dress my first born as a dirty martini, like that dog, for it's first Halloween? I hope not, because that's how I want to celebrate my child bearing abilities being confirmed


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