good friends ...

Good friends let you do silly things.
Although I have absolutely no idea what I was doing here.
Good friends dance with your dog.
(Better not tell Dan we did this. Sherman is not supposed to jump up on people. Oops.)
Good friends let you drink your dinner.
Or brunch. Or salad. Or whatever.
Good friends let you cry after you realize that you've just spent way too much money on rubber boots. But in my defense, I have been wanting a pair of Hunter boots since I was about three years old. Which is a really long time. My plan was to make fake Hunter icons and glue them on to my $5 Target boots that I found in the gardening section a few years ago. But then I realized that I'm not crafty enough to do that.
Good friends somehow talk you into buying 25 seven headbands.
Those were on sale. I promise.
Good friends let you drink wine from a juice box.
While dancing with your dog.
(Once again. Do not tell Dan we did this.)
Good friends fly all the way from sunny California
to freezing cold Kansas ... just to spend time with you.
When you need them the most.
And they always know how to make you smile.


  1. good friends let you post 4832904820 pictures of your ADORABLE hair cut!! it better stay. because you're ROCKIN it, girl!

  2. You and Dusty are now Hunter buddies. That alone should justify your purchase.

    I need for you and I to share our headband collection. You have some cuties, and this pixie needs more adornment.

    Sherman is the biggest lab I have EVER seen. EVER. His paws were on her shoulders. That's something Great Danes are supposed to be able to do, not labs.

    I have BotaBox wine in my kitchen now. Sadly, it isn't in juicebox form, and that makes me sad.

    This comment is almost long enough to be its own blog post. Sorry for hijacking your space. #notsorry

  3. That is such an awesome post!!! I have been a fairly bad friend recently because I am...well life kinda got in the way so I am working really hard on sorting that out and seeing you and Lauren together reminds me what I have been missing out on and why I need to work harder at it!!

  4. I need more info on those wine juice boxes!

  5. how fun!! I loved this post! and now want a day with a girlfriend!

  6. What a great post! I want a pair of Hunters also just can't decide on a color. Ha! Oh and I love those headbands!! I can't wait to hear more about them.

  7. This is the sweetest post! It looks like y'all had soooo much fun! Shermanator is such a ham! Love the last pic of y'all!

  8. 1. That looks like a GREAT time.
    2. Sherman looks HUGE (in a good way, not fat or anything!).
    3. You look totally adorable in headbands, so I say the more the merrier. Although I might have to stop reading your blog for fear that I mistake your cute, low-maintenance pixie as something I should do. And then I'd end up looking like Little Orphan Annie.
    4. You will love your Hunters. I hope you got welly socks to go with them (I'm assuming they sell the welly socks over here) but they're excellent, especially in winter. Hunters get cold in winter. Unless you're a big baller and bought the fancy lined ones.

  9. what an awesome friend!
    you two look crazy happy.
    and i just love your hair. every time i read your blog i'm like i just love it. you rock it lady!

  10. How sweet, and what a great friend! Wine juice boxes?! I'm going to need some info on those!

  11. So sweet & your friend sounds like so much fun!


  12. Don't you just love friends like that?

  13. Oh how sweet! My good friend didn't judge my singing this morning while singing in the shower at the gym. :)

  14. That's so awesome! What a great post (and friend)!

  15. Sherman is HUGE. What are you feeding him, baby cows? I feel like he's 7 feet tall.

  16. Your dog is the size of your friends - Sher is so cray!
    Looks like such a fun time spent with a dear friend! Loving your short hair and your growing headband collection!

  17. I had no idea sherman was so tall and big...Looks like a fun time was had by all.

  18. I love this. I want to be your guys' good friend! All three. Man, that Sherman. He has my heart.

  19. Aw I love this! Good friends are the best especially when they love your pets as much as you do. :)

  20. These pictures make me so happy. Good friends are indeed the best.

  21. Look at Sherm go! He's got moves!!

  22. Looks like you all - including Sherm - had fun! So refreshing to just spend time with great friends, and buy seven headbands (on sale) :)

  23. So jealous! Looks like you two had a blast of a time! miss you both!

  24. Such a sweet post! Everyone needs great friends like that. Your dog is gorgeous - and huge! (unless your friend is just small? haha) And I love that chunky pink and tan (?) scarf you're wearing - where's it from? :)

    Life etc

  25. time with dear friends like that is good for the soul. I need some good time with my bestie soon! :)

    You look so cute. YOu are almost making me want to cut my long pixie into a short one!

  26. such a sweet post... i love time with special friends like this! and that first picture is soo cute, i love it!

    ps. you totally NEED those headbands for your cute new hair!

  27. Um, you guys are so cute! So cute! So cute! And I love your clothes and your dog! Love-lots, Jessica L

    THEJESSICALBLOG.COM (I feel the need to distinguish myself because there are so many Jessicas with blogs....) ;)


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