change of plans

I totally had a post planned. Like a real, creative, hilarious post.
You believe me, right? And then this happened. 
And I couldn't move. 

Plus I didn't want to move. 
What. A. Week. 
{I've been back to work for two whole days}

So I guess I'll quit my complaining.
As well as quit this attempt at blogging.
And just say that you should consider yourself lucky.
You have now seen me in my pajamas.
And you have also seen 184 pictures of these two crazies.

Sorry. I can't help it.
My phone took pictures.
My DSLR took pictures. 
And my old Canon PowerShot took pictures.

We were so popular.
If only for a day ... 


  1. We have a rule in our house. If the dog's on you, you don't have to do anything. It even extends to if Max is on me and I'm thirsty, Paul will get me a drink and vice versa.
    It's a good rule. Life rule. Those adorable heads just can't hold themselves up, now can they?!?!

  2. We are not allowed to move if the cat is on us. Because the cat is, in the end, our boss. And he insists on being WHEREVER we are in the house, all of the time. Right now he's perched on the back on Ammon's desk chair while Ammon does homework, and he's evaluating how likely it is that I'll stay seated. Those pets... so opportunistic. They know we just love them too much.

  3. Lucky, indeed...cute pj's. As for your change of plans...it's really in your best interest to just roll with it when these little distractions present themselves. Smooth move Sherm.

  4. I love your pj pants!!! I also love your dog!! lol

  5. oh gosh i need to get up out of bed right now to take a shower to make sure i am at work on time and my dog is laying all over me and i seriously dont want to move for fear of waking her up. so do you think my boss will buy that reasoning for why i was late to work??

  6. Snugly pup time is the best. And it must NOT be interrupted.

  7. I love your hair! I can't even tell you how cute it is! It makes me miss my pixie cut!

  8. Contessa (my cat) loves to lay in my lap when I'm getting ready to do something. lol Animals are funny, they just know! xoxo

  9. there is not a whole lot of things better than cozy pants and a dog in your lap/// is there ?

  10. I get this, I just replace Sherman with a cat. It's currently approaching midnight and I am sat on my bed, I have been sat here for the past hour, I need to go and brush my teeth and actually get in the bed, but I have a cat sleeping on me, he has been sleeping on me for the last 45 minutes and I haven't moved.....how do they do this too us?

  11. Aww... totally understand! I would not want to move either! So sweet.

  12. So nice to have a good friend around.

  13. I like how Sherm dictates your day! He is such a little snuggle baby!!


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