the day we fed the birds

I keep getting my animals mixed up.
Kidding. I know those aren't birds.
Those would be white asses. Or some people call them pronghorns.
So after seeing the pronghorns, we went for another little mountain drive.
Our destination?
Horseshoe Basin.
While we were on horseshoe basin some crazies decided to actually hike and get some exercise.
One guy decided to brush up on one of his 214 hobbies ... and try to make us some moolah.
Did he find any gold?
Stay tuned.
So what did I do?
I decided to take a nap.
And take pictures of grass.
Back home we decided it was time to build a fire.
So Dan the engineer found a toy to play with.
Because there just weren't enough logs already split.
Oh and I'm finally getting to the point of this 20+ picture post.
Feeding the birds.
You all know how much I love animals. So this was pretty exciting for me. If you would like to feed the birds, all you need is a big jar of walnuts (I would go with the cheapest jar that you can find, because walnuts aren't cheap) and you'll also need a bird or two.
Or if you're scared to feed the birds from your hand, you can always just lay the walnuts on a flower pot. They'll go anywhere that little walnut goes.
That is one happy bird.
Oh and one happy pyro too.
Colorado, you have my heart.
And my sunglasses.
No really. Please give them back.


  1. I just want to go camping, i just do. with my best friend and you. YOU.

  2. oh such perfect photos,lovely views!

  3. This pics are amazing! And you are TOTALLY fueling my fire to go to CO!

  4. You take awesome pics!! Go you for teaching yourself how to use that nifty camera!!

  5. those pictures are amazing - you are so talented!!!

  6. Gosh girl, your photos are spectacular. I need lessons asap!!

  7. I loove these and the last picture is my favooorite(:

  8. That bird! I can't believe he ate of a persons hand! that's crazy! what a beautiful place, but it looks like it would be brutally cold in the winter!

  9. amazing photos! and yes, i think the firewood was running a little low. amazing you made it through!

  10. You take such pretty photos, it's crazy. I envy you.
    I don't envy you with the birds though, birds creep me out :) But the only birds I interact with are the downtown chicago pigeons, and they're pure evil.

  11. Can I saw again that your pictures of this place are BEAUTIFUL! Ah! I want my T2i so bad haha. Glad you got to feed the birds.

  12. I've always wanted to go to Colorado, and your posts just keep affirming that fact! Beautiful photos. :)

  13. I'm in such suspense! DID DAN FIND GOLD?!?!?

    Lovely images.

  14. Wow, Colorado looks so beautiful I hope to go sometime soon :)


  15. gorgeous, love these pictures, i wanna come next time and then you can have a napping buddy. not in a creepy way. haha


  16. You are one brave soul! I am TERRIFIED of birds!

  17. Those last two pictures are amazingly gorgeous. And now I want to visit Colorado.

  18. "You just need a big jar of walnuts. And a bird." Oh Tiff, how you make me laugh. Next time I see a pronghorn, I'm totally going to be thinking of you.

  19. your pictures are stunning! we went to boulder, colorado a couple years ago and it was gorgeous... i want to go back and see more of the state!

  20. GAH! Gorgeous! I'm wondering why I'm laying in bed and not there, right now.

  21. eff these pictures!

    for reals.

    i am green with envy and wish i could be IN these photos....

    that is all. (;

  22. Newest follower here! I love these pictures--so good!

  23. yes. i love these mountains!!

  24. love the pictures (and the feeling of being in a place that looks like you are the only one out there)!


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