that crazy dog lady

The other day I found this picture on Dan's iPhone and just about lost it.
Would you look at that sweet little boy? This was taken the first week (maybe even the first day) that Sherman stayed in his new little home with his new little family. Those first few days of having a brand new puppy in our home (with absolutely no clue as to how to actually take care of the thing) were so fun. We just kind of stared at him. And he stared back at us.

So this picture made me think back to the day we brought Sherman home
as a six-week-old ball of fluff. And remember how cute he was. And remember how much work he was. And remember how crazy of a dog mom I was (yes, was). I have improved. I really have. Except for brushing his teeth.
I might still do that.
So I told you guys over here about that magical place where Sherman gets to go every so often. Doggy Daycare (aka Woof's). Amen.

I would take him every single day, but letting your dog play all day with other dogs can get a little pricey for this cheap girl. So, he gets to go every other week. It doesn't seem like much, but it's enough to make him go absolutely bonkers if you say the word "woofs". Seriously. If you ever meet Sherman, don't you dare say "woofs". The other thing you can't say is "who's here?". If you ask Sherm who's here ... he will run as fast as he can to the living room, jump up on the ottoman (which is half-eaten now, along with our couch) and whack his big brown head against the front window in an attempt to see "who's here".
He loves guests.

 So back to my point. Although, I'm not quite sure what my point is today. I have a few points. First point ... my dream car is that pictured above. I'm not kidding. I want to drive that thing around with as many dogs as I can {comfortably} fit and just enjoy life. Who's with me? If you're with me ...
you'll likely have a dog or two on your lap.
Second point (as if this blog of mine hasn't been proof enough) ... I want to confess that I've been known to be a crazy dog mom. Well, I am also a crazy organizer. And what do you get when you mix together a crazy dog mom and a crazy organizer?

A "Sherman" folder.
Complete with one too many Word document outlines.
You guys made a folder for your first puppy right? (just nod your head and smile)
And now, because I think it's pretty fun to make fun of myself, I thought I'd show you what I did when trying to decide on a good daycare for Sherman. I called every last one of those dang doggy daycares. All 14 of them. And demanded they answer my questions. All 98 of them.

There are a lot of options out there guys.
I had to be certain he was going to the best daycare.

Oh and if you want to see the doc on "Digestive Issues", just let me know.
(Sherman has food allergies ... it's been a long, rough road).

Cheers to loving what we love.
Kids, dogs, blogs ... whatever that may be.
Cheers to loving something so much that you make a dozen outlines.

And speaking of kids. How much fun will it be to have kids one day?
Just think about all the outlines I can make.
Oh the possibilities ...


  1. I would totally have a Cooper file if he didn't take over the majority of my computer already. Waaaaay too many pictures lol. Baby Sherman is so cute!! I just want to squeeze him (gently of course)!

  2. If this makes you feel any better I have a 5 page document I hand out to the cat sitter each time we go out of town. Yep 5 pages of instructions. LOL Good parenting. lol

  3. I want a baby Sherman... And I wish I was as organized as you with Fletch. I'm a list maker..

  4. Gotta love our babies :)

  5. Your fur-baby is precious!!
    We have words we can't say around Bo as well, like 'time for breakfast/dinner?' or 'ride' :)

  6. ok, you are the best.
    that first picture kills me, if i saw your puppy i would of stolen it.
    i think you are the best.
    my husband finally caved and told me in april once we move when we are done with school i can get a puppy or a kitty, depending upon where we move. yay!!!!!

  7. Hahah so funny. Just like me. I have a folder or file for everything! I even went a little overboard and turned them into "organizational binders". Sherm was such a cute puppy! We are finally getting used to the puppy phase and I'm amazed at how fast ours is growing (31 pounds- 14 weeks old).

  8. Aw. I totally gush and get all weepy over Sammy's puppy pics too. Love that phase! I hate to think of him getting older.

  9. i totally have a "Henry" folder...woops! we are having the worst allergies with our pup too, we thought it was food but now we're not sure. it's the worst!

  10. I just die over that puppy picture of Sherman! He is just too darn cute! Have you seen my new little monster? OMG puppies are the best! (and exhausting). Cheers to dog lovers!!!

  11. Love this! I feel like I need to start a folder for my pups now. Ha! Oh and we can't say walk or treats without our pups going nuts. We had to start spelling out words and I am sure they will start learning how to spell soon enough. Ha!

  12. lovelovelove that picture of Sherman as a pup! It's so precious!

  13. what a cute puppy! i miss the cuteness of the puppy phase but not the chewing and peeing everywhere! when we say "woof" our dog looks at the tv because that usually means there is an animal on it and she goes crazy!

  14. Love it! I love the little bare part of lab puppies bellies! Oh and I love the smell of puppy breathe and paws...lol!

  15. Oh man, he was cute when he was little. Wait...I didn't mean he isn't cute now. (sorry 'bout that Sherm)
    What I'm trying to say is, I want to rub and pat a puppy tummy now.

  16. So many things.
    1. that picture. I just about can't handle it.
    2. You are not crazy, because if you are then I am too.
    3. You can't say camp, grandma, who's here, park, go or ready at our house. Or peanut butter for that matter.
    4. Sherm is a lucky man. Floyd only gets to go to camp ever so often because it is stinkin expensive. But it wears him out so much and that is so glorious.
    5. Okay, now I'm done being the crazy one.

  17. I think it's hilarious that the one place has a set "nap time" for dogs. Really, how in the world do you mandate that? They're dogs... they do what they want, and they poop where they please.

    I love your comparative shopping and your tracking of everything. I am sure that down the road, all of this will pay off and be very useful!

  18. Oh lord, Tiffany. You are insanely organized. I can only imagine how you will be with a child.

  19. YES! So glad I am not the only crazy dog lady!

    I have a 4 month old Golden and an almost two year old Weimerainer, & I treat them like they are my children~

    I will talk to them & ask if they've been fed yet today & then the Weim likes to cuddle and sleep with me & yeah, don't ask who's here at our house either, he will bark and more than likely will not stop for a good 5 to 10 minutes.

    I'm gonna stop now before people think I'm crazy :D

  20. Bahaha! You're hilarious. I think I would be a crazy dog mom too.

  21. This is great!

  22. Love this post! Makes me want to run home as fast as possible to smother, I mean snuggle, my Layla girl. :) Good thing she can't speak, because she'd probably say how overbearing I was and how she doesn't need to hear 1,402,301 times a day that she's my best friend and how much I love her.

    PS - I'm totally with you in that van. Let's go!

  23. PS - just came across this site and thought of you. http://dog-shaming.com/

  24. I'm coming over. And I will say "woof" incessantly.

  25. I'm a crazy dog mom. I kiss Cotton on the lips. Is that gross? Oh well.

  26. Annnd we are the same person - obsessed dog mom and crazy organizer lady. You should see the file I give to anyone who watches my dog for the first time... Ca-razy!

  27. I love that Sherman gets to go to doggy daycare and play with other pups -- he's lucky to have such a great mom! Also, Snoopy would go nuts when he'd hear "who's here?" too! xo


  28. I love that all comments are dog moms, we could start a club! Our word(s) for going to doggy day care are "go see friends" or just "friends". Izzy's day care even does art projects with the dogs that get sent home with them!

  29. You're not alone, I have several, several folders and subfolders for both my dogs with word docs and tons and tons of pictures in them. And we get Xmas cards made annually with them on the cards. Our two boys were in our wedding 4 years ago as well. Love my babies :)


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