simple {part two}

So I promised you guys during that little bedroom tour that I would show you some jewelry. Or lack thereof. Although I have to admit, I wouldn't have it any other way. It is so dang easy to choose your jewelry each and every morning when you don't have any jewelry to choose from. It's funny how that works.
Not to mention it saves me money.
And I'm a big fan of that.
Just like the makeup, if it doesn't fit in one of these two small boxes ...
welp, then it doesn't fit in one of these two boxes.
That last one was my "something blue" for our wedding.
The sweater I wore in kc was not exactly Mexico attire. So I wore this little blue ring instead. Kind of looks like Kate Middleton's ring, don't ya think? But it's not. I think I paid twenty bucks for mine; I think Kate's is worth half a million. But minus that small detail, it's pretty much the same ring.
Some other stuff that gets to hang out in the box.
A few bracelets and one random necklace that I haven't worn since high school.
Let me know if you want it. ;)
So what in the world do I wear?
I wear this around my wrist.
I told you that story waaaaay back over here.
When I used to blog about Flavor Flav, apparently.
I wear these guys around my neck.
Just call me TJ.
No really. Do.
I've been trying to get people to call me TJ for almost two years now.
And then I slap on my wedding rings.
Side note: Those rings are all Dan. I told him to get me a ring from Sam's Club. No joke. They have really nice {cheap} rings at Sam's.

Oops. I forgot earrings.
I wear one pair of earrings. The same ones every day because I'm crazy like that. Just simple diamond studs that Dan gave me back in college. And because I wear them every single day, I'm trying to talk Dan in to getting me some {slightly} larger ones for my birthday. Or our anniversary. Or Christmas.
Whatever works best for him.

In conclusion ... if you were thinking about robbing our house for jewelry, you should probably think again. The only items that have any value at all are always on me. Sorry Charlie. Oh and plus you shouldn't rob our house because
Sherman will eat you.


  1. Okay, can I be honest?

    Your lives are so interesting to me. But in a good way! Dan's hobbies, Sherm's dog talents, your simple jewelry taste. Your blog definitely reflects you and is just real.

    I mean, we all know that there are blogs out there that just seem kinda fake. Not yours! Love reading it! Keep being awesome! :)

  2. LOVE the simple necklaces! Understated jewelry is always so gorgeous!

  3. sometimes simple is the way to go!

    i really like to BUY fun jewelry, but then when i go to pick out something for the day, i typically resort to the simple stuff, the "nice" stuff i got from my other half or my parents :)

  4. Oh, TJ. I'm totally the same way when it comes to jewelry. No earings (but my ears are double pierced), no bracelets, one necklace that never comes off and my wedding rings. I admire ladies that can accessorize to the hilts, but it isn't my style. Perhaps I should pull myself together more but it just seems like so much work! Until next time, Teej! (P.S. in case you are wondering that's how you give the nickname TJ a nickname! You can thank me later.)

  5. Believe it or not I think you own more jewelry than me. I just started wearing a pair of earrings, but only because my holes were closing. Simple is the way to go!

  6. I was recently pawing through my sister's necklace collection after realizing I have ZERO pieces to spice up my own wardrobe.. then I realized why. Statement necklaces are too heavy... It's too hard to figure out what kind of shirt is appropriate with what kind of necklace... anxiety over whether my earrings were clashing with the necklace I finally picked out.

    Then, after all that I decided to change into a sweatshirt to avoid having to dress up my outfit at all. Problem solved!

  7. Haha Love it! Hopefully you get those new studs for Christmas! ;)

  8. Okay- somehow I'd never seen your wedding pictures so I hopped on over. Absolutely STUNNING, I love that you're rocking a blue sweater in some of them. SO SO freaking cute and perfect!

    Anyway, I love your jewelry. My thing is I have a decent collection of it, and wear the same rings, necklace and earrings pretty much 98% of the time lol.

  9. Okay, I think I need to rethink my inventory. Simple is good. I think I need to follow your simple ways. It's fantastic!

  10. Whatever works best! Aw... I love the simple look!!

  11. First of all, thank you to you and Sherman for donating to my friend Sarah's cause! I love you to pieces for doing that! Also, I want that blue cocktail ring AND your wedding ring is gorgeous! The hubs did gooood!!

  12. hahaha! That last paragraph is my favorite part. :) Love your wedding ring!

  13. Love your collection...TJ (ha ha)!! :-)
    ♥ Kyna

  14. Um, I don't think I've ever noticed your wedding ring but it is gorge. And yes, Dan should get you bigger diamonds soon. I think it's in the marriage code. Or Sherm should. I'm sure they would sell to him because he's so stinkin cute.

  15. haha thats about as much as I have. i always wear the same things. Which does make getting ready easier

  16. So pretty...all of them! I'm a new GFC follower :)

  17. Ok, so I might share your lack of makeup, but I do have a ridiculous amount of jewelery...most of which I hardly ever wear. FAIL.

    I love the ring on the top right though, very pretty. :)

  18. This makes me feel so much better about owning roughly 3 necklaces that I never wear, zero bracelets or rings, and several earrings. I know...am I even a girl? Who knows. I hardly have any makeup either.

    Your wedding rings are incredible. My wedding rings are the only jewlery I care about wearing.

  19. I've missed your blog. And you. And seriously - I think we are jewelry twins. In that we both have hardly any. I have that Tiffany J too....although mine is a keychain...

  20. I have a Tiffany's K!! I just wear my wedding rings and a anniversary ring on my right hand, earrings and that's it.

  21. If for no other reason in the world, the fact that you legitimately told your husband to buy you a ring from Sam's Club, is why we are meant to be friends. Except there are other reasons. Namely P and Sherm.

  22. Somehow I missed this post- but me, too!! I NEVER change my earrings- in fact, I used to by crappy ones (ahem, Claire's) and change them when they got gross. Now I have sterling silver hoops (I can't wear studs; my lobes turn up) that I spent a whopping £12 on the two sets. I own a smattering of necklaces, but none are fancy or worth anything. In fact, the one I wear the most is a hematite ring on a sterling silver chain. I break hematite rings worn as rings. Oh, and my engagement/wedding rings? I often don't wear them, but my engagement ring is a lab-created emerald (I didn't want to research the ethics of gemstones and I told Paul that he/we were absolutely NOT to go into debt over jewelry; we were still in college!) and a $35 white gold band. His is the $60 larger version of the white gold band.
    The one thing I NEVER take off? My sterling silver Crucian Hook bracelet I got on our honeymoon. It costs $20 and we had a 50% off coupon from our hotel. It's gotten a bit dinged over the years, but the only time it gets removed is if I'm made to at airports, or when I have MRIs.
    I'm a bit jealous of your Tiffany's initials, though- I want one!!


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