fashion is my middle name

Actually, it's Ann.
However, I do know a girl who does have fashion for a middle name.
One of my best blog friends. I've been reading her blog every single day since I started my own. But why this girl keeps reading my blog is beyond me. She lives in California; I live in Kansas. She wears these adorable little outfits; I wear turquoise coats and ball caps. She looks gorgeous on every date she goes on (even lunch dates. lunch dates!). I impress Dan when I wear pants with a zipper (we average two dates per year).

So no, I will not be starting a fashion blog anytime soon.
However, I would like a little help in the fall fashion department.
Wouldn't you?
And I know just the gal ...

Hi lovelies! My name is Taleen and I blog over at dreaming en francais.. and I'm soo excited to be on one of my favorite blogs today! My blog is about all sorts of things, but mostly about clothes. Sometimes about food. Sometimes about travel. Sometimes about my embarrassing moments. Sometimes about the little things that are making me smile. But mostly about clothes. I'm either putting together looks I only wish I could have in my wardrobe, recreating outfits I'm inspired by at more affordable and accessible price points, or taking awkward photos of myself in public. Like this...

Lately, my blog has been all about Fall. Fall clothes, Fall to-do lists {which obviously include lots of pumpkin spice EVERYTHING and candy corn}, my {crazy} Fall semester. Mostly because it's my favorite season. But also because, here in Los Angeles, we don't get nearly enough of it. The forecast for the upcoming week? Upper 90s-100s. No, I'm not joking. So since I'm stuck here dreaming about rainy days, red and orange leaves, pumpkin patches, and salted caramel hot chocolate, I thought I'd share with you my 10 Fall wardrobe essentials. These basic items are easy to find at just about any price point {the items below range from $12 to $250} and are super versatile so they will last you throughout the season.. which is what I love about them!
Coat: Romwe; Striped shirt: H&M; Scarf: Dorothy Perkins; Bag: J Crew; Blouse: American Vintage; Booties: Rag & Bone; Cardigan: H&M; Ring: Jennifer Meyer; Watch: Michael Kors; Skirt: Oasis

1// Trench coat -- a chic way to stay warm against the cooler days {and nights} of Fall without looking stuffy
2// Striped shirt -- trust me when I tell you stripes go a long way in looking put-together yet laidback
3// Printed scarf -- just because they're more fun, especially when mixing patterns
4// Structured bag in a deep, rich color -- I'm loving dark wine-colored anything for Fall
5// Button-up blouse -- whether you go for sheer, solid, dark, light, or patterned, blouses are no-fail
6// Ankle booties -- do I really need to say any more, other than they're comfortable and go with just about everything?
7// Soft cardigan -- because you can never have too many of those! H&M has super cute and affordable ones
8// Delicate gold rings -- as much as I love chunky cocktail rings, lately I've been obsessed with tiny, thin gold rings
9// Darker watch -- we all know how versatile a classic gold watch can be, but I'm loving brown tortoise as well
10// {Faux} leather skirt -- I know most people would cringe at the thought of this, but try it with some patterned tights

And if fashion's not your cup of tea, sometimes I post photos like this..
and talk about how much I love food. And margaritas. 
So, as long as you like those two things, I think we'll get along just fine. 

But that's enough out of me! A big thank you to Tiffany for letting me invade her space today! I hope to see some of you over at dreaming en francais.. I love making new blog friends!

And now you know why I love her.
Also, I'm pretty sure my turquoise coat is just as chic as that trench coat.
Pretty sure.

Speaking of chic, do you want to hear a funny story? Yes! One time I was reading an article to Dan and came to the word "chic". Well, I said "chick" (yes, like a baby chicken) because that's how I thought "chic" was pronounced. You know like, "that coat is so chick". My own husband (boyfriend at the time) had to correct me. I wish I were kidding. Long story short, you should probably get your daily dose of fashion advice from someone other than me. I would highly recommend going over HERE right. about. now.

Happy Friday!


  1. Pants with a zipper?! HA! Love Taleen's style {and blog}!

  2. Lunch dates? Those sound suuuuper fancy.

    I love food. I love margaritas. I think we'd get along just fine.

    Also, my pants with zippers come off as soon as I get home from work. I refuse to wear them when I'm in my own home.

  3. Cute post. I am actually looking to free myself of belts and zippers and things. I got all excited when I saw these faux skinny jeans that had an elastic waist. They were like heavy denim leggings or something.

    Pathetic, huh?

  4. Tiffany! You are too funny!
    I LOVE all off this!!!

  5. You sure do rock those turquoise jackets and ball caps!

  6. Cute post. At least I know there are other couples out there who average about two dates a year too. lol And I would trade the cold weather of the east coast for Taleen's west coast warmth any day.

  7. Have an awesome weekend sweetie and give Sherman a big hug from Charis and I!! Oh and tell Dan hi to!

  8. Ummmm wait? It's not pronounced like chick? I've been saying it wrong my whole entire life!

  9. You crack me up! I love Taleen's blog! She has such amazing style :)

  10. hahaha "pants with a zipper"! Love it...and I'm right there with you! I even live in CA and I'm still right there with you :) TGIF

  11. pants with zippers are sooooo over rated

  12. Taleen is just great!!! And so are you, Tiff. I always tell you that you could be a fashion blogger!

  13. Haha, love this! Specially the matching jackets.

  14. Love this, especially since I got to see two of my favourite bloggers in one place!

  15. I had a similar experience with the word "carafe". And I'm the Williams-Sonoma junkie and he's the one who doesn't know a tumbler vs. a highball.

  16. that's so funny about chic. being from GA, i am a master of the diphthong, so everything gets extra syllables ;) following you now!

  17. I read her shizl too. She's pretty adorable. Your pretty adorable even in a parka.

  18. Ha ha! My parents almost gave me Fashion as a middle name too, but then they went with Rae. ;)

    Heading over to check out Taleen's blog...

  19. Dude. I did a little bit of fashion blogging... but only because I was getting free crap. Well. I guess my free crap ran out and it was too good to be true. So it's back to reality with my life! HAHAHAHA!

  20. Yep. Got it wrong here too.
    A friend had to correct me.

    It's got to be a midwest thing.
    So glad I'm not alone!!

  21. PS...
    I'm your newest follower!
    Gorgeous pictures by the way!


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