who do you think is more fashionable?

A one year old {my nephew} with saggy plaid pants
celebrating his first birthday?
A grandma {my Nan} wearing a 60 year old wedding dress
celebrating her 60th wedding anniversary?

this girl right here ...
Hey guys! I'm Joanna from ModaMama, and the first thing I should say is that I totally suck at writing introductions.  It's such an awkward concept for me to write to you trying to say,"  Hey, here's what I do.  Here's how cool I am."  Mostly 'cause I'm sooo not cool.  I'm an actor, sci-fi nerc, drama geek who acts and host a tv show for a living, plays with swords (I do kung fu) and gets all giggly over a ruffled dress.  See?  So not cool.  I'd say I'm the opposite of cool, except that would be hot, and that would just be awkward.  So....anyway, yup. *awkward pause*  Howdy, do!

I'm also a busy mama and, like you, I often don't have a lot of time to get ready before I head out the door.  That's part of the reason I like dresses, 'cause you just add a belt, necklace, and boots or ballerina flats and run out the door!  Perfect outfit in three minutes flat.
Oh and scarves!  With a toddler I often end up having food smeared around my neckline from sloppy cuddles, so I often carry a big scarf in my bag to cover up anything of that sort.
And other than the perfect jeans, three must-haves to top off any wardrobe for me are a great jean jacket, a fabulous leather/pleather jacket, and a neutral blazer.  Any of these can completely change your look, add instant chic, and cover you up when you need it.
I'm not totally about practicality though.  My latest obsession are palazzo pants.  They're so loose and comfy and they have an elasticized waist *that's right, elasticized* and that makes them perfect for those days in the month that you feel horrid in all your other clothes.  They're so comfy it's like being allowed to wear sweatpants in public!
Oh and I find that big shades and a little blush go a long way to make you look human when you've had no sleep!  They're my secret weapon like vodka martinis are James Bond's.
There's only one problem with being a fashion love.  I think it gets passed down in the genes because she's already stealing my shoes! *sigh*
Thanks for reading.  I'd love to see you on ModaMama.
p.s.  I don't like to visit without bringing a gift with me.
So I'd love to offer you a little something if I can ...

Yep, I agree. ModaMama wins!
(Sorry, Jack. Sorry, Nan)

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  1. How cute that your grandma was wearing the wedding dress to celebrate her anniversary! They're all pretty fashionable in their own way.

  2. OH MY GOSH your grandparents are so cute I could literally cry. That is so beautiful and good for her for fitting back into that 60 years later! Amazing!! I wish I could say that about my prom dresses and that was only about five years ago........ :)

  3. I'm following Moda Mama's blog via GFC..

    ..and your Nan is just adorable. I can only imagine what it must feel like to be wearing your wedding out fits from 60 years prior. No doubt she looks just as gorgeous in your Grandad's eyes as the day if married her :)

  4. how cute is your Nan?! love it.

    i just followed Moda Mama on GFC! :)

  5. Aww I love that picture of your nan.. how awesome that she wore her wedding dress on their 60th anniversary! Joanna's got some seriously great style too though! Happy Friday!

  6. Woah, I don't know about you, but I think it's the grandparents FTW! :)

    Snow: year-round was let go just around my wedding, but you can now find me, here: www.msnowphotography.com/blog :)


  7. OMG your nan!! Too precious for words and super awesome she can still fit into that dress!!

  8. I follow her blog!! Oh my your pics are the best.

  9. Oh my gosh, your Nana<3 So precious!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I don't know Tiff, a one year posing as a thug gangsta rapper is pretty top on the list. This might have to be a tie

  12. Hahahahahahah.... I love how your structured this post.

  13. haha grandmother wins, hands down. that is the most precious pic i've ever seen! i followed on gfc

  14. i also followed on twitter!

  15. Your grandmother is too adorable for words!! I love it :)

  16. I follow her blog on GFC.

    fantastic intro. seriously, i was laughing out loud.

  17. I love Joanna :) She is an awesome blogger. This post was awesome.

  18. Oh, I love all the photos, but the one with your Nana in her wedding dress...wow! That is the coolest thing ever :)


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