when a dog brings you a beer ...

  1. Say thank you.
  2. Take a picture.
  3. Send said picture to Ellen (I'm expecting a very uncomfortable "thank you for your email ... BUT" any day now).
  4. Post about it on your blog. Because it's pretty special.
  5. Take the beer away from your dog before he drinks it (Sherman had a few sips. It's fine. And the dog mom of the year award goes to ... )
  6. And then (and this is the important one) go out and find another awesome blogger who also has a dog that likes to bring people beers ... 
Hey there Coffeehouse-rs!
Floyd and I are pumped to be hanging out over here today!
I'm Sarah and I blog over at Total Basset Case
and if you couldn't guess from my blog name, we (the Mister, ie the hubs and I) have a sassy, snuggable, cute as can be, basset hound, Floyd.
(that's the Mister-he's pretty cute too)

When I first discovered Tiff's blog I read back (embarrassingly) far and sat at my desk on my couch (I would never read blogs at work...no way, never) laughing my heart out.
I could not and did not want to stop reading.
She has been a daily stop every since and I am more than honored to be sponsoring her!

I love Tiff and I really love hearing about Sherman's shenanigans.
Who else thinks she needs to write a book on his trash pick ups?

I am determined to find a way for Sherm and Floyd to meet.
Which would force Tiff and I to meet, which would be amazing.

Over at my blog I ramble on about, Floyd (you probably gathered that by now), food and recipes, the Mister, fashion and whatever else stumbles through my brain.

Every Friday I do a feature called, 'Fridays with Floyd' where I report on Floyd's weekly escapades. Sometimes it is about how he is SUPER sassy, and/or also dramatic, how he can not and will not catch a ball, how he keeps a dutiful eye on the neighborhood ...
or how he will bring you beers
but mostly about how stinkin cute he is.
Floyd told me I should do a giveaway today as well.
And you guys are in luck because those basset eyes are pretty convincing and I basically do anything he asks me to do.
So, in order to not upset Floyd...I am giving away a $15 gift card to Target! We love love love new friends and hope you stop by our neck of the woods!

Thanks again to Tiff and Sherm (and Dan!) for letting us take over today!

Me again. So to recap ... I love Sarah almost as much as she loves me. I kid, I kid. And Floyd is awesome. And convincing. So convincing that I'm over on his their blog talking about Sherman today. So go check it out. And while you're over there, join their amazing blog so that you can win that crazy Target gift card. I double dog dare you.

Don't forget to leave a little comment below letting me know that you did so.

You have until Wednesday at midnight.
Winner will be announced one week from today.
Good Luck!



  1. I follow Sarah & Floyd!

  2. I just joined Sarah and Floyd's beautiful blog :) love all the animals your sponsors share and Floyd is ADORABLE. I hope one day Sherman and he meet. I'm going to go figure out a way to strap a beer carrier on my cat.

  3. I love Sarah's blog and have been following it for a while!

  4. omg Sherman is TOO funny. I visited Sarah's blog now! Floyd's so cute.

  5. Popped over here from Sarahs blog, I am a follower of her and now you too!

  6. I LOVE Sherman, and I especially love Floyd & Sarah too! You all would be perfect BFFs! If you guys ever venture to Ohio to meet them, come meet me too!!! :)

  7. OMG I love Floyd! Bassets always look like sad little old men in desperate need of a hug!

  8. OMG that is such a genius idea!! We always say we have great dogs if we could just train them to bring us beer! haha I love it!

  9. I love your blog! I already follow Floyd and Sarah so I will be following you momentarily as well!

  10. We really need to teach our dogs how to bring us beer. Shawn would be in heaven. He'd never have to leave is butt-imprinted seat on the couch in his man cave, even though the mini-fridge is one seat away from him. Sherm and Floyd are awesome. So are you and Sarah. The end.

  11. oh my! ghesshhhh what are we gonna do with these dogs!? lol so funny

  12. She loves her dog as much as I love mine. So that means I am definitely following her now. :)

  13. Haha - he looks totally unimpressed that he has the can carrier strapped to him. They are super cute.

  14. They are super heros not ate. Aren't you glad I am reading your blog at a red light

  15. Oh Sherm! So I beat you on dog mom of the year, because Hawkeye actually drinks, and I let her. She loves beer. And anything with baileys. Any sort of milk based drink. And tacos, white castle, and steak. I figure dogs don't live nearly long enough anyway, I might as well give her every thing she wants while she's around.
    Also, I'm really glad there's no dog cholestoral test.
    Also, I love Floyd.

  16. I love Floyd! AND Sherman of course. LOL xoxo

  17. Floyd and Sherman just tearing it up on the blog today. Harlow had too much beer last night. I had to pull over twice on the way home from taking Chris to work today so he could throw up...

    Two things wrong with that comment. You just found out I take Chris to work (its a city thing) and B. that Harlow comes along for the ride everyday... I swear we're not WT.

  18. Yay! Love Sarah and Floyd! And you and Sherman! I need to get my dogs on this stat!

  19. Love both of you ladies and your adorable doggies!

  20. I really need to work on my dogs...they apparently are lacking in the assistant category :)

  21. I love Sarah's blog and already follow her. I loved hearing about Sherman on her blog. Sounds a lot like my beagle pup Abby. Abby can get into my fridge and I keep telling her if she is going to keep doing this, she might as well learn how to bring people a beer...ha!


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