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The Bedroom.
Can I just say ... we have got to get some oversized lamps asap. Those lamps look like miniature doll house lamps. Geez. The last room of the home tour, and I totally screwed it up with the doll house lamps. Oh well. Life goes on. Which really means, I'll be replacing those lamps this weekend, retaking the picture and updating this blog post soon. So let's just pretend I never even said anything about the lamps. I'm kidding. I wouldn't do that. Besides, who needs big, beautiful lamps when you can get doll house lamps on sale for $5 at Target.


Thank you sister-in-law for helping us paint. By the way, sister-in-law is like 7 feet (6 maybe) tall. If you put a wig on Dan, you would know who my sister-in-law is. LOVE her. She is also really good at painting ceilings ... and planting flowers. And cooking. And pretty much everything else. Yep, she is Dan's sister for sure.

Let's pause for a minute to concentrate on the dog bed.
This makes #4 for Sherman beds. Dan and I have one bed; Sherman has four. What is wrong with this picture? His four beds: Living room bed, couch, sunroom bed ... and bedroom bed. SPOILED.
Dan's idea of simplicity (and I agree).
Three amazing pictures of three amazing places we've been together:
#1: Colorado
#2: Mexico
#3: Hawaii
Oh man. Wait until I show you my jewelry collection. Just wait. You're gonna laugh. But that's ok. I think I own three necklaces (two of which I actually wear) and a couple of rings. Don't worry ...
I'll show you.
Ever wonder where I got my picture for my "blog button"?
Yup. I just chopped my husband right out of that picture.

What we did:
  • Painted walls blue
    • Want to hear the funny story about this? Together we had picked out a pretty blue color for our bedroom. So here we were painting the room; listening to music, having a grand 'ole time. We had three of the four walls painted blue ... when we looked at each other at the exact same time and said "THIS IS HIDEOUS" (that's not exactly what we said, but close enough). The blue was a light baby blue. It looked like we were expecting {a baby}. So, at 9:49pm (11 minutes before closing time) we raced over to Lowes and bought a darker blue. A better blue. The blue you see featured above. We painted all three walls over again that night. I think we finished the room around 3am.
  • Painted trim
  • Painted ceiling
  • New windows
  • New window shades/rods/curtains
  • New fan/light


  1. It looks great! I was cracking up at your commentary... the dollhouse lamps and extensive jewelry collection ;) You made me realize we need much bigger nightstand lamps too! AHH!

    Everything looks great though, definitely love the blue you ended up with!

  2. We had our room painted a very similar gray/blue color in our last house... I LOVED it. We would paint our room here the same color if we didn't live in an apartment!

    The tiny dollhouse lamps are darling. Sometimes it's just ridiculous when the lamp barely fits on the nightstand, it's so bit. No need for that.

  3. You guys really keep things simple and well elegant is the word which immediately springs to mind.

    I was going to spring clean my bedroom this weekend and do like a before and after but ummmmmmm now I am not so sure you would even be able to tell the difference!!!

    Love the blue!

  4. Jealous ... enough said.

    When you coming to decorate my house? It needs it believe me. oh and some lessons on how to keep it clean. :)

  5. Love the wall color!

    I have mini lamps in the bedroom as well and you just have to touch the base any they turn on - which is a pain in the ass when the cats turn them on in the middle of the night...

  6. I love that blue wall color. Better than baby blue for sure! I'm really not sure why Lowes isn't open 24/7. I swear the only time Shawn and I tackle home improvement projects is late at night. P.S. We have a similar headboard. And tiny bedside lamps...err lamp. Shawn broke one. I think he did it so I'd buy new lamps. Silly Shawn. We've had one lonely lamp for over a year, heck maybe longer. That'll teach him.

  7. I love the dark and light contrasts in the room! With that dark blue walls and white comforter, it looks so refreshing!

  8. Love your blue!

    I chose the faintest light blue for our kitchen and a few rooms, and Im already contemplatng repainting them when we close ...(we're building so the house isn't ours yet). I seriously don't know if the blue is ok or not! and husband says no gray, so I really don't know how to find the right blue that doesn't look like I'm popping out a little one in 9 months.

  9. It looks great Tiff!!! I love the paint color!

  10. you must share with me your ways of NOT being a jewelry hoarder.


    a jewelry hoarder.

  11. I love that color blue - so worth the 3am paint job. My bedroom before I moved was that color and I miss it!

    Your posts are still inspiring me to finish my before/after house posts. Really, they are. You wouldn't know that because I've yet to do another one...but they are.

  12. These dang dogs. I'm convinced that Floyd thinks we bought our sectional and ottoman just for him. As if our bed and the guest room bed aren't enough for him to lounge all over. At least Sherm lays in his beds...Floyd refuses to lay in his unless he's pouting.

  13. I LOVE the simplicity of your room! Our room is way too crowded, we are in the process of decluttering right now!! Oh and I have a huge collection of jewelry, and this huge case hubby got me for xmas 3 yrs ago, except for... I'm too disorganized to put my jewelry back in the designated case all the time. And I really don't wear jewelry very often any longer. Thank goodness I haven't made any new jewelry in years :D BTW we started painting 2 walls in our guest bedroom too and had to run out and get a different color since it was just too darn ugly!

  14. I was going to comment on how much I love that blue even before I read the blue story. Seriously though, that blue is gorgeous!

  15. Love the wall colors! Great house tour!

  16. Wow it looks great! I really like that color.

  17. Wowwww!!!!

    I actually kinda like the "miniature" lamps. I think they're cute.

    I love that Sherman has 4 beds!! He is king.

  18. Love that blue and love that Sherm has 4 beds. Awesome!!


  19. Hi! I've nominated you and your awesome blog for the "seven things about me" award. I hope you'll want to participate, it's fun :)
    - Mara

    p.s. I love everything you're doing with your house. I'm so jealous. I want a house of my very own so bad!!

  20. I loveeee the blue you have it now! I like your room! Even the mini lamps!

  21. I love that blue! It looks especially gorgeous with those hardwoods and white trim! So envious of your floors!!

  22. Aww, no "this is where the magic happens?!?!" Although you didn't show us your closet... so you may have some secrets yet!
    We have... 7 dogs beds, 2 cat beds. For 2 dogs and 1 cat. And the dogs are usually on the couch or our bed, and the cat's usually in a box or on a dog bed. But if I pick up one of the dog beds, suddenly I've committed treason to the balance of the house (according to M&S). Ridiculous.

  23. Listen keep the lamps. One day midget strippers may breakdown on the side of the road and may need a place to sleep and read.

  24. I love your room. Its amazing. And I love the blue. I wanted a blue room. I was scared, so we painted our second bedroom blue. And your headboard... so very grown up. We don't have a headboard and it makes me feel like I'm in college. Sean wants one badly. But I always end up purchasing other items instead. One day...

  25. Calm, peaceful, simple. Everything a bedroom should be if it possibly can. :-) Nice work!

  26. I love the blue walls! Your house is a beauty! I'm glad we have been getting a tour!
    ♥ Kyna

  27. I love your the color you picked for you walls! Such sweet pictures you have framed in there. I think your jewelry collection might be bigger than mine haha.

  28. Oh wow, what a beautiful transformation! You guys are good. As for the jewelry thing...I go back and forth between two pairs of earrings, and sometimes I wear the one and only necklace I own. Sad, but true.

  29. I CAN NOT WAIT to finish our bedroom! It seriously will help me sleep better at night ;)

  30. what a beautiful room! I love what you did, looks so homey!

    Classic & Bubbly

  31. Ohhhhhhh pretttttyyyyyyyyyyyyy... I think our BR is pretty close. I think ours may be a hair lighter. Love it! xoxo

  32. Heres a creepy question. Where's your bedding from? Its a great mix a girl + boy.

  33. i really enjoy the shade of blue... i would never be able to do a color that dark! i barely get any light in my bedroom. you have two windows and they are big! great decor ideas :)

  34. Love the wall color, especially with the white trim. Very, very cute!

  35. I love that color blue! Great joob!


  36. Turned out looking great lady!! The new color looks soo much better than the initial one!


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