life in tiny pictures

  • Sherman begs for bomb pops.
  • Fall weather ... yes! Goodbye bomb pops.
  • Sherman the Scavenger sleeps with trash (a yogurt container).
  • Sangria + potato chips (my dinner ... Dan was gone).
  • Stuff I eat/drink when I'm trying to be healthy (when I'm not eating potato chips).
  • Sam's Club trip. It only took me four days to put all that crap away.
  • Sherm pushing Dan off the couch. I thought it was cute.
  • Local shat (see below).
  • Iced coffee in a mason jar. I die.
 Oh silly Monday. You always sneak up on me.
What a great little weekend we had. We Dan watched football. We Dan made homemade mozzarella from local shat. And we sat around under a blanket and sipped iced coffee from a mason jar (that I actually did do).

Oh, did I say local shat? Doesn't everyone cook with local shat? When you make homemade mozzarella (because I have done that so many times in my life) the best milk to use is Shatto Milk from the Shatto Milk Company. Ahhmazing. So, Dan decided to be all spontaneous and productive and make mozzarella on Saturday. And I decided to stay in my pajamas and take pictures. Apparently my iPhone thought it would be funny to cut out the "O" from SHATTO. A couple of you lovelies called me out on this little shat incident. Maybe you just had to be there, but I thought it was pretty funny.

Ok, on to more important things. First off, my nephew (my older nephew) had a birthday over the weekend. I'm getting a little confused with all of these nephews of mine having birthdays so close to one another (I only have two nephews, but still ... it's tough). Not to mention, I still have to show you all the pictures from Jack's parties (hint: you should come back tomorrow). So my nephew Kemper had a little birthday ... and the rest of the family had a little bonfire. I missed the little bonfire, but according to husband ... there was nothing little about it.

As if the cushions and couch weren't enough ...

They decided to throw in a mattress.
Joneses will be Joneses.

Hope you all had a great {pyro-free} weekend!


  1. i think dan needs to do a guest post on making some delicious homemade mutz ;) we've had homemade mozzarella on our cooking bucket list for a while... but never think about it until we cringe when we pay $10/lb for the homemade stuff at the deli....


  2. I like your mini pictures. LOVE the cooler weather. and sounds like a great weekend!!

  3. Sherman looks so cuddly - especially with those fall temps. I am so jealous. Also, I have not had coffee yet this morning because I was running seriously late (Happy Monday) so that mason jar coffee looks like manna to heaven presently.

  4. great photo list! I love shatto's milk ... I give my babies the organic kind ;)

  5. Love Shatto! It makes me feel all old fashioned buying my milk in a glass jug!

  6. I've heard the silk almond milk is delish - I need to try it!

  7. I thought couch burning was only something people in WV do? LOL

  8. You have to try the dark chocolate almond milk. It is the best stuff in the world. I was working at a festival with my mom where they were giving it away... I went back 6 times in 3 days for free single serving boxes. So good.

  9. I always love your mini photos! And those couch burning photos look remarkably similar to ones we have from our house, I thought we were the only crazy couch pyros

  10. i love your instagrams, they are the best, i especially love them when your pup is in there.


  11. Haha... at first I thought that was the couch that Sherm tore up! :)

  12. Sherman is hilarious in so many ways! Isn't it funny how dogs can be so much like people sometimes (pushing us off the couch to get their spot!)?!! I love him sleeping with the yogurt container too! Homemade mozzarella sounds so delicious. I wish I could make some! And happy birthday to your nephew!

  13. the iced coffee in a mason jar just looks so much better than in a glass!

  14. I was so jealous when I saw your IG photo of Dan making fresh mozzarella!! he's definitely a keeper!! :-)
    ♥ Kyna

  15. Ahhh... burning couches! Reminds me of home!

  16. Heeheehee... the "shat" made me laugh again!

  17. Hahaha I can't believe they burned a couch and a mattress. I would be laughing so hard if I were there. I laughed hysterically when my friends threw a couch over the balcony at school once.

  18. Thanks to your little ice coffee photo a la instagram, I made my first iced coffee as well! It was quite delish. Although quite the process... I feel like there has to be a better way than throwing tons of ice into my fresh brewed hot coffee and then letting it sit in the fridge for 45 minutes.

  19. So many wonderful things about this post -- Sherman sleeping with his trash, Fall weather, almond milk. The not so wonderful part? You've got me craving sangria, chips, and iced coffee.. all at once.


  20. Local shat?? Sure!! Why not ;)
    I hear shat naked some great cheese.
    Cheese shat.

  21. Oh god.
    Naked = makes.


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