I'm a sucker for a good party

Remember when I told you that I love my birthday? Well, I do. But it's not my birthday yet. Dang. We've got to wait until December for that amazing day. But enough about me (leave it to me to start a post about someone else's birthday with something about my birthday ... Dan would call that selfish. I just call it all about me). I kid, I kid. Let's talk about parties.

I love parties. And I love one year olds. My dog is one year old ... and you get to see pictures of Sherman all the {freaking} time. And now my baby nephew is one year old. So guess what? You now get to see pictures of Jack all the time too. And speaking of too {two} ... he recently had not one, but two birthday parties here in Kansas City. I was too lazy busy last week to go through the 400+ pictures that I took. But I finally got around to it. Two birthday parties = two days of Jack pictures.
Are you ready?

Party Uno
We started out the crazy Labor Day weekend building things in our diapers. Well, at least that's what Jack did. I mentioned it earlier, but Uncle Dan {the engineer} decided that all one year old boys should have a mini tool bench. I never thought tools could melt my heart ... but they melt my heart. After we got tired of building things, we took off for the real party. Which included some adult snacks and adult beverages. My kind of party.
Our boys.
Top is my husband; Bottom is sister's husband.
Who do you think has the kid?
Hangin' with his Great Grandad and Great Grandma.
Hangin' with his Grandad.
Here Jack is saying "Look it's Aunt Tiff. I love my Aunt Tiff".
Ok, so he's actually saying "Look a fan. I loooove fans".
Opening presents is hard work.
Good thing his Great Aunt Mar was there to comfort him.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Jack's Birthday Number Dos.
There will be more cake. And more presents.
And some juggling.


  1. Happy 1st Birthday to the little one! >:)

    { the Picablocks }

  2. soooo cute! I just want to eat him up!

    when my nephew was one he loved fans too. i wonder what it is about fans.

    love the pictures!

  3. I love that he has a tool bench. Cuz 1 year olds do a lot of fixing and you never know when you might need a plastic screwdriver!! :)

  4. Jack is just such a cutie pie!!

  5. Cannot deal... cutest child on the planet. Adorable pictures!! xo

  6. that last picture is too precious for words.

  7. I want a Jack!!! He is absolutely PRECIOUS!!

  8. Precious! Funny... my friend's baby just turned 1 and I just gave them a gift with those same {Target?} balloons attached - HE LOVES balloons.

  9. There's that cupcake I was craving a couple nights ago! So presh!

  10. I'm a sucker for a great party too! :) Great pictures :)

  11. What a cutie!! PS your husband TOTALLY looks like Ed

  12. Happy birthday kiddo! I would like your cake please. Come on you had two parties, share the cake!

  13. Oh, I love the Jack posts almost as much as I love the Sherm posts!


  14. Clearly I need a repeat first birthday- this one beats pretty much all the birthdays I've had in the past... 15 years??

  15. What a cutie! And love the captions!

  16. You are too funny! Happy birthday to your adorable nephew! And happy birthday to Sherman!!!

  17. I love that Jack.

    You should know that I have your birthday drilled into my brain. Dec 5th.

    P.S. I have no idea when my best friends birthday is. June something. That's all I got. So feel loved.

  18. LOL I like the pic of the 1 year olds birthday cake with a beautiful glass of wine in front of it!!

    The pic of you and him is adorable!!!

  19. Jack is so adorable. I love his tool type play thing. That looks like an advanced toy.

  20. How sweet! I love the one where Auntie is there with a shoulder to lay on!

  21. oh, the tiger ear picture.

    the cuteness, it's just too much.

  22. Aw so cute! I need a nephew to spoil.

  23. Awww...Looks like SO much fun! You have a beautiful family. Glad you all enjoyed your partying. :-)


  24. first tell someone at the cupcake. and second the only reason that babies love grandmas is the kahoonas. grandmas always have kahoona's to sleep on for comfort.

  25. Happy birthday Jack!! I love your posts... as always!


  26. HOORAY FOR DECEMBER BIRTHDAYS!!!! Mine's the 11th and I LOOOOVE birthdays too! Unfortunately, I married into a family who don't think birthdays are important so that kinda sucks. Oh well. :) We can be birthday twinners!

  27. sooooooo pretty! love the pictures :)


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