a to-do list

Things I think you should do:
1. Try hot chocolate and blueberries. It's fun.
2. Buy slipper boots. They are fun too.
3. Buy a new throw ($15 at Sam's Club- I'll be buying seven more this weekend).
4. Smile. It's Friday!
5. Smile and Laugh. I've got this one covered for you. You are welcome ...
Hello Fellow Lovers of The Coffehouse! I am so incredibly happy to be here today. I bought this sponsorship MONTHS ago and thought this day would never come… but alas, here we are! Woohoo!!

My name is Mae and I blog over at Two Hoots & a Holler. A lifestyle blog where I write about crazy stories from my past, being married to a musician and most recently our adoption journey. I figured a good way to introduce myself was through two lists: Snippets From My Past and Present... Starting with the Here & Now:

1) My husband and I've been married for almost 8 years, we have two amazing puppies, and we live in Music City, USA.

2) We are currently in the adoption process. We've been trying to get our baby, Abiella, home for almost a year now. We've visited her in Africa twice and the last time she got to stay with us in the hotel. Coming home to America and WAITING for other people to move papers off their desk so you can go get your baby? B-R-U-T-A-L.
3) We hope to have biological kids later, but wanted to start our family through adoption first.

4) Before we began this process, I was a middle school teacher and LOVED it. I'm currently out of the classroom right now and working on my doctorate in education (only seven more semesters to go... did you just get nervous for me? I did).

5) When I'm not busy trying to figure out which paper hasn't been moved to which office (referring to adoption) I can be found working on pottery, or painting, or putting off school work, or eating way too much with friends, or telling people about my mother's amazing non-profit, or drinking pots upon pots of coffee, or dancing like a fool to my car radio.


1) When I was 11 I somehow managed to find myself in a gospel video on BET, it was pretty legendary. You can see my TV debut (and finale) HERE.

2) While growing up I lived on a working horse farm with a bed and breakfast. My mother had a fierce heart for suffering animals and since we had plenty of land to harbor them, we had quite the brood of rescued animals. Between Zelvis the zebra, Daisy the deer, & Norma the cow, our farm was a breeding ground for a pretty spectacular childhood.
3) When I was a kid I spent hours in my friend Ashley’s bedroom calling the operator and making prank phone calls. I told some adult about this hilarious past-time and they told me, “You’re the reason our taxes go up.” I was shocked by my unknown power, ridden with guilt, and sent into a tail-spin of confusion. If I had unknowingly raised everyone’s taxes what else was I capable of, and what havoc had already ensued?

4) It was also around this time that I cut my finger off at school. Bad day on the job for that teacher, eh?
5) A few years later something awesome happened. I was given a sweet pair of rabbit teeth ... that lived in my mouth.
Aren't you so jealous?

6) And lastly, my freshman year of college I gained 30 pounds in 8 weeks. 8 weeks. I told Life, "I see your Freshman 15 and I raise you another 15." The look on my mother's face when I walked in the door for Fall Break made it worth every pound. The day I left for college vs. the day I came home for Fall Break photos coming to my blog soon. It's pretty impressive.


Well, there you go folks. We're better friends already :) I love meeting new bloggers, so come on over to my place, introduce yourself and tell me snippets of your life.
Thanks for the opportunity to post on your unbelievable blog Tiff!!! You're amazing!!


What a wonderful little Friday with Mae, wouldn't ya say?
Sorry. I've been on this rhyming kick lately. No clue.
But I do have a clue about who's a winner ...

Winner of last week's giveaway was ... Amanda Kate {Raspberry Beige}
Congrats Amanda Kate! I will be emailing you.


  1. Is that throw a Lambie?? It looks like a Lambie!! We have like 4 Lambies (from Costco)!! Our family - and our cats - are obsessed with Lambies!
    (if that isn't a Lambie I'm gonna feel so stupid). :P

  2. I love her blog!! and blueberries! happy friday tiff!

  3. Sounds like a good to do list. I heart Mae! Did you know she is a ginger now? :)

  4. Slipper boots are the best thing ever created. That is all.

  5. Blueberries are rampant here and the weather is getting cooler so I'm excited to try hot chocolate and blueberries. Great combo. I love Two Hoots and A Holler! Abiella is so beautiful! Hope she gets home soon.

  6. I love slipper boots! I have them in purple and ohhhhh, they are perfect for cooler weather!

  7. what slipper boots r u wearing - they look SO COMFY! and I'm curious to know if your blanket is a "lambie" because A) that name sounds adorable and B)i may just have to go get one!

  8. Thank you for re-introducing me to Mae!! I thought I was following her blog but for some reason I'm not. I will definitely head there now! :)

  9. 1. The hot chocolate and blueberries sound amazing. Great idea. :)
    2. Zelvis had me laughing! I'm sort of jealous. I wish I had grown up on a farm. I love Country life though I'm a city girl.
    3. Mae is such a precious name. I like it.

  10. OMG Mae is hilarious! 30 pounds in 8 weeks! Going to check her blog out now...happy Friday! :)

  11. Yes! Love her already, haha.

  12. Oh I LOVE MAE MAE!!!! She is so funny! I want some slipper boots!

  13. I LOVE those sweater boots!! They look so comfy and great for fall. Can't say I've ever tried hot chocolate and blueberries together... but maybe I'll give it a go this weekend!

  14. buleberries+hotchocolate+sweater boots sounds fantastic to me! if only it were the appropriate weather in louisiana to enjoy those things, we are still in the 90s down here! can't wait to check out mae's blog!

  15. I love her, and you duh.

    Um hot chocolate and blueberries, yes please.


  16. Oh, my. This is great. I'm going to visit her blog ASAP!


  17. I have those slipper boots too!!! I use them to go over my ballet shoes

  18. Hmmm...I'll have to try hot chocolate and blueberries.

  19. love the first photo,looks so cozy!

  20. oh my gosh....that adoption story. steal my heart.

  21. Looks like you have a perfect evening planned.

  22. Lmao...awesome pair of rabbit teeth that lived in my mouth...hahaha...
    And I can attest to the freshman 30! O my gosh it was awful.. the Mom comments were the worst baahaha

    xo Rachel


  23. I will try chocolate and blueberries!!!


  24. Sounds like 30 pounds of love to me.

  25. I must get some of those slipper boots...
    Going over to visit Mae, asap! After this little sneak peak, I already love her.


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