a few family photos + a couple of cows

{almost} 13 months
I love that photography has changed just a tad over the last several years. I also love that my Dad (Jack's Grandad) is just hanging out with the cows in a field. Why didn't I think of cows as a prop for Jack's one year photo shoot?

But cows or no cows, photography is amazing. Old pictures, new pictures ... they all get to me. I would have never considered myself to be the "artsy fartsy" type. But, here I am. Finding myself ooohing and awwwing over photography like I never thought I could. Dan says it's because I'm getting old. Whatevs.

Now. I've said it before, I'm not a photographer. But that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy taking pictures of the people I love (and food ... also a very good friend of mine). So that's why I bought my little T2i a while back. However, if you recall ... I'm not very good at learning.

Remember that class that I was supposed to pay attention in?
And that little book that I was supposed to read?

Well, I never did pay attention in class.
And I never did read that book.

But, here I am. Taking pictures. And using the wrong settings while doing so. Go figure.
Thanks for smiling for me, Jack.
And who knows, maybe your Aunt Tiff will buy you a cow for your 2nd birthday.


  1. The pictures still came out good! I'm in the same boat as you are - I need to take a class at some point too.

  2. They are gorgeous girl!!!

    Good job woo hoo!!

  3. I'm loving photography and these pictures even in the wrong setting. I want to get my hands on a Ti2 so badly.

  4. Will you fly to Georgia and take Pics of Fletch?? I'll pay you in wine... And cookies.

  5. Even on the wrong setting, those pictures are great! You captured some nice moments and that's what matters.

  6. So sweet! And so precious.

  7. Totally buy him a cow, that would make you the best aunt every!


  8. Can this boy be any cuter! Those eyes!

  9. He is soooo adorable! Love that first picture in the cowfield too. That was back when they had to walk 2304982 miles to school barefoot and hang out in cowfields.

  10. ahhh how freaking cute is jack?!? i love his smile! XO

  11. Tiff! These pictures are PRESH!
    love them all, every. single. one.

  12. Such a Cutie!!! I vote yay for the cow :)

  13. Who needs classes? I think your pictures turned out great! It might have a small tiny bit to do with how cute Jack is though. Haha.

  14. Those cheeeeks! I need to squeeze them.

    I think these pictures are adorable!

  15. Did you really take all these? They're so cute! You know what else is cute? The fact that Harlow just peed the bed 5 minutes ago. And I had just happened to change the sheet 2 hours ago. Thanks Har. Don't worry, the mattress was spared.

  16. These pictures are adorable. Probably because Jack is adorable. But I think the sweet family, balloons and wooden number one outdo cows as props anyday!


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