two dates in one year ... holy cow

So Dan and I went on a date this last Tuesday. Just me. Dan. And my crappy haircut. This makes two dates in one year. Holy Cow.

Remember the first date night with the Joneses? Well, this one was almost as special. Almost. About three months ago Dan bought a Groupon to a restaurant that is literally two blocks from our house. So three months ago he told me we should go out to dinner. And every week now for three months ... we've been saying that we need to go out to dinner. This little Groupon of ours was due to expire at midnight on Tuesday. And so a date night on a Tuesday was born.
While on this little date of ours, I told Dan that he needed to take a picture of me for my blog. Dan snorted. And refused to take my picture (surprise, surprise). Then I snorted. And told him that he had to take my picture because it's what bloggers do. Period. The End. And then I pouted until he agreed to take my picture. So Dan took exactly four pictures of me (but really three since I didn't know about the pout face one) ...
And I took exactly 72 pictures of the food. Why can't husband like me as much as I like food? Anyways, the point of my story is that we went on our second real live date in one year. That has to be some kind of record for us. And we saved like twenty bucks. I was one happy {cheap} girl. And speaking of dates ... I wouldn't mind going on a date with a girl sometime. Specifically a cute girl named Meg. And her dogs. They're pretty cute too. Want to see how cute? Ok!

Hi followers of Tiff's awesome blog. My name is Meg and I am happy to be guest posting for Tiff today and sharing a little bit of myself, my blog and my family. My blog is henning love.

It is a collection of my favorite things, baking cookies, running, my husband and two dogs, fashion, what I do on the weekends, etc. I also love to feature a series called From My Hometown to Yours, where I ask any bloggers who want to participate to write from the perspective if I was coming to visit them, what would be on the agenda, where would we go, what would we eat and what would we do. If anyone is interested in participating, I would love for you to contact me at megmouch(at)gmail(dot)com.

For today, I wanted to feature the best part of my life, my family which is my husband of 2 years and our two dogs, Kip and Kimbia. Kip is a Jack Russell Terrier and Kimbia is a Jack Russell Terrier and Italian Greyhound mix. Kip is named after Kip Keino, who was a great Kenyan runner and Kimbia means to run in Swahili and the name fits her perfectly. Sean and I got Kip when he was a puppy from one of my co-workers and Kimbia we got 2 years later off of craigslist. Poor Kimbia, she was just a little over a year when we got her and we are her third but permanent home. Kip and Kimbia were complaining that their star power in the blog world has been lacking here is some cuteness of them and hope to put a smile on your face. You know the life of a dog has to be awesome, you get someone to feed you each day, you get fresh water, someone else cleans up after you, you can lie down and take a nap anytime of the day when you are tired. You are asked to do silly tricks in return for treats, in Kip's case, that is standing up on your hind legs and turning around completely twice.

You get loved on, you are greeted so warmly when your owners return from being at work whether you are happy to see them or not, you are asked to retrieve a ball in a game called fetch.
You suntan all day long if you can.
My husband and our two loveable and very energetic dogs.
Kip doesn't look mean like this all the time.
Kimbia is giving me the stink eye and getting a suntan.

During the summers, Kip loves to do what I call his grandpa-pose, he sits or lays in the grass and just keeps watch, makes sure the house is safe. We are usually watching TV or reading and occasionally he will come in the house, makes sure we are ok and then goes back outside and sits and watches again. 
If anyone asks if my husband and I have children, my response at least for now is just two dogs :-)


  1. love your date outfit. and your date story. :) AND I love meg's blog too!

  2. Fun date night!
    My boy wont... or pretends like he wont until I MAKE hime, take pictures of me as well!
    Boys are funny.

    Yall furbaby bloggers make me want a puppppyyyyy. Ive never had a pet. People think this is weird. Watching you and Meg love and be loved on by your preciousious makes me think I am weird to.

    going to go google puppies now... If I buy one I'm going to blame yall. Cool? Cool.

  3. i love the white pants! i'm still shy on even trying them on, but you rock them so well :)

    and i never get pictures taken OF me either. it's like pulling teeth (and still awkward) to have my roomie/chef/stylist/boyfriend to take photos of me... one day!


  4. You look adorable! Kind of remind me of Meg Ryan circa You've Got Mail (love Meg!!)
    Looks like the food was delish + that hubs has a thing or 2 to learn about pictures//blogging ;) Have a great weekend!

  5. You are cute. Haircut and all.

    Does anyone ever use a Groupon/Living Social BEFORE the day it expires??

  6. would you LOOK how cute you are?????

  7. sounds like an awesome date and you are so cute!

    also, her puppies, adorable.


  8. LOL- I just posted yesterday about how awkward it was asking my husband to take my pic "for the blog" and how he took like 15 horrible ones and a couple halfway-decent-gonna-have-to-work ones ;) You look cute though! Glad you guys had a fun date night !!

  9. :)

    I have thought these EXACT same things. I guess thats why they call it 'a dogs life' sometimes, eh?

  10. you went on a second date?

    things are getting out of control.

  11. Hahaha I am so glad yall had a another date night! hehe! And I like how you pout when you dont get your way! I do that to my hubby too lol! It's a sure fire way to make him feel bad and do what I need! Even if it is taking a freaking photo of my for my blog!!! :) Love the haircut by the way ;)

  12. 2nd date in one year?? Pretty darn amazing if I do say so myself! And my hubs is the exact same way with pics.. he's terrible at it! That's why dates with girls are just better :) And I love Meg from Henning Love.. such a sweet and happy blogger! Happy weekend!


  13. Hey there Meg Ryan lookalike! (That's good thing in my world!)What... we're not going to see the 68 pics you took of the food? You know I love food pics! And your friend Meg sounds like a great girl date with her puppies!

  14. Haha, I'm glad you and your hubby were able to have a date night! Me and my hubby buy groupons all the time and then scramble to use them before they expire! Haha..weird how that works!

  15. What is it about Hubs not wanting to take our picture? They just don't get it. Those non-blogger sons. ha! My hubby thinks blogging is a joke. I've tried to tell him it's the best thing since sliced ham!

  16. I think your husband likes you as much as you like food... he just thinks taking pictures so that you can partake in your hobby is silly. Next time he asks you to do something for one of his non-food related hobbies, you should snort and refuse. It's only fair.

  17. Well I love Tiff and I love Meg so I love this post. I respond the same way to the baby question except with we have two kitties. Your pups are so cute!

  18. When you referenced the other date is it bad that I immediately thought of that college party that you posted about. With the outfits?

    Clearly I have a selective memory of your life. it goes in this order: Sherms, embarrassing pictures of Tiff, and more Sherms. Name that time when you called him your son. Nope, haven't forgotten about that.

    In other news, I'd go on a girl date with you. I would. And we would eat queso, lots of queso.

  19. Hooray for more dates! You crazy kids ;-)! Hope you had lots of fun and even, maybe, get addicted to said dates?! I know...baby steps... Hope your weekend is FABULOUS!!!

  20. I like your haircut! You look adorable and I think dates are awesome! Have a happy Saturday and be sure to check out my giveaway ending tonight!.

  21. How cute are you in those white jeans! Clearly you need to do more of this whole outfit photo thing.. just find someone else to take them.


  22. Love the outfit and Meg's dogs are so cute!!


  23. yay for date nights! I'm glad you had fun.

  24. that sounds about right - two dates in a year is on pace with me and my man ... and we are all about some Groupon deals for when we eat out... I would rather pay for clothes than food ;)
    Cute haircut... seriously, love!

  25. 72 pics of food!!! Holy cow! lol! Glad you guys had fun!
    ♥ Kyna

  26. your haircut (and outfit) is darling! dates are the best, and i love that you took lots of pictures of the food- food is an art so it needs to be captured before it is enjoyed!

  27. You have to take a picture of me because that's what bloggers do! haha. Seriously funny!


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