the story of my life

Not to be confused with ...
It's not as bad as it looks. This is simply Sherman taking all of the stuffing out of his bed because he thinks it's funny to piss me off. He has done this on and off for several months now. He takes the stuffing out ... I put the stuffing back in. He takes the stuffing out ... I put the stuffing back in. He takes ... you get the point.

In the beginning, we would buy him a new bed each time that he destroyed his old {new} bed. I think we went through about seven beds before we said, "what the heck are we doing?" So now we just cover up the crappy old bed with a crappy old dog blanket. Tah-Dah! Anyways, the point of my rant ...
right now this bed feels like the story of my life.

I feel like my stuffing has been taken out and thrown across the room.
What a crazy little week it has been. And yet, you're still here.
So, I made you a little homemade thank you card (the second DIY project that I, personally, have successfully completed in my life).

Thank you to my amazing, funny, cute readers who keep reading this little blog. Thank you for your comments; for making me laugh, for making me smile.
Thank you for helping me keep my stuffing in my bed.
Or something like that.

Oh and one more quick thing. If you like Sherman (which I know you all do) ... you are going to LOVE this girl who I am about to introduce you to. You know how some people go over to fashion blogs and stare at outfits?
I go over to this girl's blog.
And stare at her dogs.

Happy Friday!!  I'm Natalie and I blog at Adventures as Mrs. Janney

Recently, my husband and I added to our little family.  My husband brought one child into our relationship.  It's not what you think.  She is 35, with dark brown hair, a white chest and big brown eyes.

Her name is Taylor and she is probably the best dog in the entire world (no offense to Sherman).  Seriously.  We've had people threaten to steal her from us.  She is that good.

And since we can't have any human kids of our own at the moment (partially because we can't and partially because I am medically forbidden at the moment) despite the enormous longing for babies coming from my uterus, we decided to find the next best thing:
His name is Cotton.  He's been with us for a month and a half now and I am COMPLETELY in love.

I went from being one of those people that likes their dog, to someone that is mildly obsessed with them (both of them).  I'm not as bad as some people though.  For example, my husband's uncle may or may not let his dog drink Diet Coke out of his mouth.  I'm definitely not one of THOSE dog people.  But apparently I am the type of dog person that does this:
No I didn't make him a cape.  It's a coat.  A puppy coat.

Before you have me commited, let me explain.  We are preparing to go on a camping trip at the Oregon coast.  If you haven't experienced the Oregon coast, it is not a warm place.  You don't wear your swimsuit to the coast, you wear jeans, a long sleeve shirt, a hooded sweat shirt and some gloves.  In August.  And a sunburn isn't as much of a concern as much as windburn.

So I was concerned for my furbaby's well-being.  His pictures don't really show it, but he doesn't have that much fur.  And the thought of him being cold makes me want to cry.  So I fashioned this jacket for him out of an old IKEA fleece blanket.
It is stylish AND functional.  Obviously.

You know what does make me a crazy dog person?  The fact that we are thinking of showing him.  Best in Show style.  I haven't written a song about Brittany's yet.  Give me time.

Hop on over and say hello!  If you think puppies are cute, then you will feel right at home.  And if you don't think puppies are cute, then I don't think we should be friends anyway.  I don't like soul-less people.  And you'd have to be lacking a soul to not like puppies. 

Or if Twitter is more your style, you can find me at @MrsNJanney.

See. I told ya you'd love her dogs Natalie.
I'm off to steal Cotton. And his cape.
I mean ... puppy coat.
Happy Friday!


  1. Thank you! For making us laugh and sharing Sherman and Natalie with us :) great second DIY project.

  2. We do the same thing with my dog's bed! And as far as Natalie's dog coat, I swore I would never be the person who puts clothes on her dog, but when we hike with our little furbaby he gets so cold that we have to! I understand your pain.

  3. You simultaneously make me want and NOT want a dog...
    Well at least Sherm is always giving you something to write about!

  4. you have a sweet little blog. i like reading about all the stories of your life.
    my kid is pretty much acting like your dog is right now.
    i know how NOT FUN it is.

  5. I'm totally there with you on the "stuffing" thing. Sometime I will share what my dog did to our couch...it happened years ago, and I'm still in therapy trying to accept it. And, I still haven't fixed it....cuz, I can't sew.

    Natalie...LOVE your dogs, AND the coat :)

  6. Poor, poor Sherman! He is a MESS!

  7. Gracie isn't allowed her bed when we are not home! It is a rule... crazy things happen... the bed ends up with a hole and stuffing fills the room!! Oh and I hate picking up stuffing! It gets everywhere, especially if the cats get a hold of it. I also hate it when they shred dog toys with stuffinf, but I would be the worst mom in the world to only buy the "skinny" dog toys! So I cave with the toys and thats it!

    I love Natalie and her dogs :)

  8. We've gone through dog beds. I finally just went to a fabric store (Joanne's, I think) and bought a big sheet of 4" memory foam (cheaper than you think) and sewed a fleece cover on it permanently then sewed a removable cover. And I've done a few others since. They last until the foam breaks down, since dogs have a beast of a time ripping fleece (and I zig-zag stitch the hell out of those seams). I sew fleece covers for all their beds, homemade or not. I also sew Sloan's coats and have been known to sew them for dog-friends... you know. If Sherm gets cold in the winter :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  9. We have a chocolate lab too and we have run into some of the same experiences you have.... So lovely... ;)

  10. hi i just found your blog and i have enjoyed reading!! i love bloggers who don't trash their page up with giveaways and just write as themselves so i am def a new follower! your chocolate lab is adorable! my husband and i have dog with his same personality but he's so sweet you can't be mad at him for too long! have a great day and stop by sometime!


  11. Oh Sherman... It always amazes me how much stuffing gets shoved into anything animal related. My parents' older golden retriever is a pro stuffing liberator. It looks like a blizzard came though after he pulls a toy apart.

    I hope things start to settle soon at work, and you don't feel quite so frazzled.

  12. Oh Sherman. Too funny. We did that with Cruz too, you wanna ruin your bed then tough shit, you don't get s new one every time! Have a great weekend girl.

  13. This was just na all around great post. I loved all the dog, and Sherman is just too cute no matter what he's doing!

  14. My dog does the same thing!!! Over and over and over. So we stopped buying him beds. lol... it's just a blanket for him.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Oh man. Lilah definitely went through a bed-shredding stage. She did the same thing. Stuffing everywhere. She did the same thing to lots of her plush toys (don't even ask me why we thought plush toys for a lab was a good idea) and you'd feel really bad when you'd find Mr. Frog all squished, skinny, flat, and green with all of his stuffing on the other side of the kitchen.

  16. Gosh, our dogs have so much in common. Moxyn is a girl. She and Sherman should date. They could eat stuffing out of things until they are blue in the face. From choking. It's all fun and games until your dog chokes on stuffing.

    Anyway, I hope I beat you to Natalie's house so I can steal Cotton in his doggie cape...errr, coat.

  17. Poor Sherm WTF he's thinking. Why can't I make a mess like typical males do so the woman can clean it up. Typical male.

    I love Mrs J. and cotton. She truly is an inspiration.

  18. Sherman is a bit of a shithead, hunh?
    so is my boyfriend.
    which is to say,
    I feel you, dawg. ;)

  19. It could be worse friend, it's just stuffing. My mom has a Maltese (with anxiety problems) and if she leaves him out of his crate while she is gone, he eats the drywall. Imagine coming home and part of the wall gone LOL!

  20. Dogs. dogs. dogs. I do love them. Just so you know. My voice gets very high pitched around them. Or even now just staring at them on your blog, I feel high pitched. But the mess. The fur. Oh gees... its too much for me. Plus, Sean finally got medical confirmation that he is actually allergic to dogs. And cats. (But who cares about cats?) I always thought he was making it up. He loves dogs too. Nevertheless, we will never have one. This is sad.

  21. And also... the picture of the dog and the exploded whatever was so funny. I have sent it to about 10 people already. Because I also know a dog that chews. Good find, friend.

  22. Floyd and Sherm def need their own cape/coats. She should start selling those things!

  23. My dog eats everything. You don't know what she ate until you find the scrapes in her pooh. Gross I know. Amazing post considering I love you both.

    1. Scraps! Not scrapes...I do not scrape her pooh. Ok #endrant

  24. Sherman....Sherman.....Sherman. I still love you.

  25. Sherman is too cute, especially when he's doing something he shouldn't be doing. Snoopy went through that same exact stage with the doggy beds and stuffing. What is it about the stuffing? And yes, he would get a new bed when he'd do it, too. Gotta love them!


  26. Puppies, puppies, puppies!! Too cute.

  27. We went through the same thing with Mia, so then we just bought her a bed with fabric that she couldn't chew through. It's kinda like tweed.

  28. Why is it that the more things dogs do to piss us off, the cuter they get? Sherman is an adorable mess!

  29. I've missed reading your posts so much Tiff. My life too has been like Sher's bed. With back to school, (I'm a K-8th grade computer teacher, fostering to crazy kids and keeping up with our mini sanctuary and home, I've been so wiped out. I'm so glad I took the time to read your posts today. WOW you and your hubby have been doing amazing things to your home. It looks beautiful. Could we borrow him for a month or two to do the same thing to our house? lol our home needs a makeover. I hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

  30. Yeah my dog does the whole pulling-the-stuffing-out thing also....yeah....we love her for doing that, obviously!!!! Hope you are well and enjoying the weekend, have a good one!! Sally xoxo

  31. New to your blog and LOVE it!

  32. LOL. pups are hilarious that way! We just got a new Chihuahua and he is a handful!

  33. I totally love Sherman, he's such a character! Heading over to check out Natalie and her adorable babies now :) Enjoy your week!

  34. hi tiff! i just nominated you for the versatile blogger award! go to my page to get more details!!

  35. Awww....Tiff! I'm so sorry to hear that your week has been a crazy nutso one. I hope the weekend was restful for you. Sounds like you need a little spa day to me. :-) Oh, and btw. have you heard of Orvis' or Eddie Baur's tough dog beds? They're made especially for chewers! Good stuff. - Oh, and speaking of dogs, MY dog is guest blogging for me today ;-)

  36. Oh Sherman... what a bad boy! You two have the same situation as me and my pug... but his vice is that he likes to sit on tables while I am away. If only he would learn to wash his paws before climbing/jumping up, I would know, and therefore wouldn't have to turn every coffee/side table on its side before leaving for the day... the things we do for our fur babies! I love people who are just as obsessed with their dogs as I am!


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