I need to get out more

Two posts in one day. I have never done this before.
But this is important guys. {sarcasm}

So I don't get out much. Which is why I'm sitting here at 9pm blogging for the second time in one day. However, I {obviously} don't sit at home and watch tv either. What do I do? I'm never telling.

With that said, I expect my readers to get out. I expect my readers to watch tv and tell me what's going on in the world. And I especially expect my readers to tell me when I post a picture of Ed Helms instead of Ed the Bachelorette guy.

Yep, it's true. That second picture in the post below there of the guy sticking out his tongue (not Dan ... but the other guy). Totally not Ed.
But instead, totally Ed Helms.

Thank you to my sister ... and to the two of you (out of 53)
who actually called me out on this.

So I guess the question now is ...
who the hell is Ed Helms? ;)