smart dog

For the most part, Sherman is a people person dog. He wants to be around people no matter what.
But every great once in a while I’ll catch him outside by himself.


Ok, so he's probably just looking at a squirrel, but still.
I swear dogs are smarter than us.
No, they did not invent computers or cameras or iPhones.

But they know how to love unconditionally.
They know how to forgive without even remembering someone ever hurt them.
They know how to live life to the fullest.

That’s a dog for ya.
They watch, they think, they reflect ... they love, they live.

You’re the best dog ever.


  1. Dogs are amazing. They can definitely sense emotions too...whenever I'm sad, my pup is so loving towards me like she knows something's wrong. Sherm is adorable, he looks like a little man in that first picture :)

  2. How in the friggin crap did you make my heart stop over a dog?

    Granted I love the Sherminator.. but still.

  3. sherman is one good looking dog!

  4. Such a handsome dog! Because, it would be rude to call him pretty :)
    And I agree! Dogs are so smart. They truly know how to live life!

  5. I love to think that way too! And I'm always curious if what's in their head. :)


  6. He is the cutest!!! I agree 100% .. it may sound silly but sometimes when I talk to Snoopy, his little face really looks as though he is listening and he understands. And it's also crazy how dogs know when you're upset or hurt! xo


  7. he looks handsome,,
    i love his fur color. reminds me of coffee.

  8. It's so nice to know someone else is as obsessed with their fur baby as I am. Sherman is too cute and those pictures of him as a puppy are so adorable I want to jump through my computer screen and squish his little face :)



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