photography 101

I mentioned here that I was forced by husband to take a photography class.
Yes, forced.

Ok, it was part of our little "deal", but still.
So, I gave in and went to class.

But I somehow managed to take 0 notes and retain 0 information.
Cameras are rather confusing.
Who wants to learn about white balance and resolution when you can take pictures of cute little girls on the wall?
And stationery.
I'm going to track down this Miss Burngen gal and buy some of her lovely blank note cards.
I decided this the other night as instructor was babbling on and on and on about jpeg vs. raw.
Oh and this guy hung out with me while I was busy not listening to instructor.
At one point instructor said, "Tiffany, did you find the ____ setting on the ____ screen?"
Uhhh, yes sir.
Ummm, nope. Sure did not.
I was too busy taking pictures of other people's cameras.

So, it's official.
I'm not going to be an awesome photographer after all.
But I will have more ridiculous pictures on my camera than anyone else.

I win.


  1. Oh! This sounds like fun to me! You need to do a post on some tips or something!!!

  2. hahaha this is amazing. At least you held up your end of the deal and took the class!

  3. Haha at least you're honest... I think you'll be great in your own way. I definitely think the world needs more ridiculous pictures.

  4. Your camera loves you. And I especially love the shot of the other guy's camera. I am kind of glad we were never in class together. We would get in trouble. But not really. But really.

  5. My husband keeps telling me I should take a photography class as I cluelessly mess around with my dad's fancy camera... but whenever I try to look up how to do stuff online I get really frustrated/want to throw things/I DON'T CARE. I would rather just take sub par pictures and then play around with the editing on PicMonkey..

  6. Win you do, love. Win you do. Make sure you show us all of your ridiculous photos.

  7. Oh shiz, now I'm stalking you, too.

    I have a fancy camera that I never use. I prefer my iPhone!

  8. I took a photography class in college. it was film photography and it was fun. except the whole part where you have to learn about f stops and take pictures at differnt f stops, etc etc etc. What?! I just want to take a pretty picture of that flower over there! OK?! Ohhh and I didn't retain a SINGLE bit of information from that class. I have also bought several photography books over the years and haven't EVER opened any of them. I prefer to take pictures and if they look good then YAY and if not then I try again. :)

  9. I keep saying that I want to learn how to use all the different settings on my camera and take awesome photos but I never do anything about it!
    I've watched some tutorial videos but as soon as they start talking about 'appeture' & 'ISO' I get all confused and give up! xxx

  10. Score 10 points for awesome random pictures!

    I have absolutely zero interest in photography, and it makes me feel like a terrible blogger! Especially since all of my pictures are taken with my phone. My dad, on the other hand, loves all of that stuff. He takes pictures of birds in flight, and uses photoshop like a pro. I think we balance each other out nicely.

  11. FOR THE WIN! haha at least you tried, i need a dslr to be a legit blogger so im saving my monies!

  12. Hahaha! I'm in the camp that you don't really need to know how to use a camera to take amazing pics.

  13. Daaaaaaaang girl!!!! You take some good pictures....did you shoot those in RAW or JPEG?? Okay, I'm totally kidding....about the RAW or JPEG part. Your pictures are awesome! And husband and I took a photography class together, too! He was totally the one with all the awesome notes and I was the day dreamer about how now he'll be able to take awesome pictures for me & my blog! Haha!

  14. haha you're too cute! xo



  15. I love taking pictures, but all those letters and terms confuse me too. I just want to snap my fingers and know it all. I'm not patient enough to take a class like you. Haha. Who needs a class to be a professional? :)

  16. Hahahaha!!! This sounds exactly like me!! I so desperately need to take a photography class.

  17. Haha! Right there with you!
    I'm a new follower :)


  18. This post is hilarious! Well, the whole point of taking a photography class is to actually take pictures, right? So there you go : )

  19. I had to give the Coffeehouse a little shout out over on Easy Street today. I love your blog, but of course I love you, too--and I'm pretty proud of you.


  20. I love your wedding Picture! And the blue coat you did great idea!!! I reading a book right now on photography and its hard.



  21. LOL.
    that would probably totally be me!
    i'm going to have to just figure it out on my own. i can't listen to someone blabber on with their jargon. i'd get so lost!
    but, love your pics!! they look awesome!

  22. I love this post and all of the random pictures throughout your class. Too funny!

  23. It's safe to say that after reading this post.... a photography class ain't for me! HA!

  24. I've always thought a photography class would be fun, but I can totally see how the technicalities about cameras/taking photos would bore me to death, too! I say just experiment and learn as you go along! xo


  25. I LOVE going through my camera and finding nothing but ridiculous pictures :)


  26. I'm proud of you.. I wouldn't have even showed up.

  27. I went to a class over the weekend and my friend I just dropped back and gossiped and took pics of random things. It is much more fun than listening (and I love all your pics!)

  28. ok im obsessed with this post! and the rainy pictures are my favorite! xo

  29. You took zero note and retained zero information in photography class..ha! That's me in daily life. I don't find it really necessary to worry myself with crap that isn't appealing or maybe is appealing. Either way, its keeping the brain from clutter so I say.

  30. I, personally think you were probably the best photographer there. That's why you didn't listen...you already knew the rules OR you have your own rules that are better than theirs.

  31. Ahhhh - I am the same way. I can't figure out how to use my fancy camera. When I try to read the manual it's like it's written in Chinese. Then I black out and forget what I've read. It's a vicious cycle. I'll stick to using my iPhone for a while.


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