one happy dog mom

Don't worry, he's not dead. He's just sleeping.
Sherman is at doggy daycare today. Hot diggity dog! That means no 5am morning walk, no 5pm evening walk and no two hour evening play time for this crazy dog mom.

Yes, daycare for dogs does exist. And it is amazing. Your pup goes and wrestles around with other pups all day long. Eight+ hours of playtime. They are exhausted when they get home. And the daycare hangover can last through the next day if you're lucky.

Doggy daycare is a magical place.

I have to admit though; it wasn’t easy trying to find a good daycare for Sherman. I was (not surprisingly) one of those moms. But, after numerous hours of online research, several calls to different daycares and a handful of facility tours, I found The One.
The doggy daycare that every good dog mom dreams about.
Dogs are never kenneled/crated.
8,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor play area.
Fully supervised (the staff actually interact with the dogs; throw tennis balls, scratch their backs, tell them how pretty they are).
16 webcams. 16!
Not to mention they get report cards.
With stickers.
They also get a little something special on their birthday.
Someone turned one year old this past January!

Thank you Woofs for taking care of our furry one and letting me get to have a nice bottle glass of wine tonight. Husband thanks you too.


  1. Oh my goodness, how adorable is that!!! Just like what I get from my son's daycare :) Too fun! I bet he LOOVES it! I love his name too by the way!

  2. Aren't you the cutest thing I ever did see!?:) Newest follower!

  3. I want a doggy day care like that! Of course my little chihuahua would hide in the shadow of a bigger dog hoping no one would notice him but he's got to learn sometime, right?

  4. Ha, that's so cute!! I love it. =) We have to board our dog whenever we go out of town and I thought they were fantastic. Now, I'm wondering... lol

  5. I think my favorite part was the report card, with a heart next to your name. They really love you over there, that and your dog I'm gonna dognap.

  6. That is so AWESOME! I even wish that my son's daycare would give us a report card like this. Love!

  7. Love the idea of a doggy day care, especially because they don't crate the dogs up! But I'm not sure how much my dachshund would enjoy socializing with other pups.. he's kind of a homebody. I feel like he'd be over it after about 30 minutes! xo


  8. That sounds like a great doggy daycare! I love that they have report cards!

  9. LOL.. what a cute pic! Doggy daycares are great! My mother in law takes her doggies to one when they go out of town.

    Love the blog! New follower :)

  10. webcams? report cards? stickers? stop! that is too funny!

    i'm glad our puppies aren't friends because mine would be very jealous!

  11. you are always making me laugh- i love it!

  12. pretty sure i need to go to doggie day care every day. my life would much more enjoyable! hahaha

  13. Doggie Day Care is AWESOME! I wish I had something like that near me! But, thankfully there is a great 'camp' that my dog gets to go to when I go out of town.... I think I'm going to tell them they need to make report cards :)

  14. Excuse me, can you please tell me where this is?! Margo goes to daycare at least once a week. I'm lazy and it makes her tired. They also have cameras, but have a 'nap time'. She's only been to 2 different ones, and I pulled her from one of them (I'm a crazy dog mom too). Love the one we are at, but this one looks super fun! We don't get report cards at ours.... then again, maybe that's a good thing :)


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