hello T2i

I promised you here that I would show you my first ever T2i image.
That's right, I took a picture of a remote.
My second photo was of tree bark.
Almost as exciting as the first.
And my breakfast while working on this amazing post.

That's all I got.

Sorry for the lack of T2i usage. But I have a good excuse. 
After I got my camera, I realized that you really can't have a nice camera and a crappy computer. It truly does not work. So, I sent husband out to the computer store yesterday.

I know nothing about computers.
Or cameras.
Good thing I spent a bunch of money on two things I don't know much about.

Dan is thrilled with me right now.
Absolutely thrilled.

We will no longer be able to have kids because we have no money.
The good news is you’ll get to read posts about Sherman for the next five years.
Go ahead, join my site. You know you want to.


  1. hahahahahaahahahahahahahhaahahaahhahaahahahadfhasldfkjlsajflksjafsaljfas. ( i am just laughing so hard, and threw all those other letters in there to be annoying)

    Oh Sherm, that dang dog, wakin you up like you're a friggin' farmer. Oh Sherm.

    But mostly oh Tiff, you're just classic.

    1. Oh and good photos, I totally have a thing for remotes.

  2. hahahha. I was also laughing the whole time. hey, I also took a picture of my camera's case. I guess I didn't have a remote near me that time. lol

  3. Oh how fun new cameras are! If I may offer a spot of advice...I'd suggest keeping a cap on that lens, miss! In particular the side of the lens that connects to the camera. The cap will block out dust, which can be a hassle to clean out when it's inside the actual lens, instead of on the outside. Best wishes to figuring out your new treasure! And have a marvelous weekend!


  4. I got a wonderful new camera for Christmas that I cannot operate except on one mode. I also got a tripod for what I thought were going to be self portraits for a Wednesday fashion post. That's not happened. I got my iphone and Instagram has been the devil. I think Santa is going to tell me F off at Christmas this year, since I've made such good use of what I got last year!

  5. Ok so those pics are amazing!!! You make me want a fancy camera and LOL about a brand new camera and a brand new computer in the same month which only means you could probably talk him into a brand new baby, as well. They aren't that expensive right?!!

  6. MMMM that bagel looks SO good for some reason, haha you got this, computers and cameras? for caveman right? ya RIGHT i have recently learned while blogging that computers are so hard, html whaaaaa?

  7. I see you are having fun!!! And bagels are the bomb!!

  8. I know nothing about how to use my camera either - I need to take a lesson!

  9. Yeah, you can help me with camera questions! I just bought a T31 and and 100% clueless about how to use it so I just went for it, like you and learning as I go!


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