weekend + sun

The sun actually decided to come out for a little bit this weekend.
I was brave enough to trade in my wellies for a real pair of shoes.
I was not, however, brave enough to put away the rain coat just yet. The second I would have done that, the rain would have come pouring down on my head.
I’m no dummy.
Even Sherman enjoyed this new thing called sunlight.

Thank you sun for peeking through for a bit.
It was so nice to see you.


  1. Nice that the weather has finally decided to play nice with you .... Our weather just turned on us ... Cold, cold, cold this weekend!

  2. Your coat is super chic! It's raining like crazy here today, and I'm already over it! I guess I've just been spoiled with sun xo


  3. first i loved your green boots... now i love your cute orange shoes! xo

  4. oh those shoes. oh that jacket. oh that dog.

    how i crave them all. gees. so much coveting.

  5. cute jacket! glad you got at least a little sunshine this weekend!

  6. My puggle loves to sunbathe, too. He's always laying beside our sliding glass door soaking up the sun. Glad the rain gave you all a little break!

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  7. Love your shoes!! Now that boots weather is almost over, I always wonder what shoes I wore last spring/summer. I think I need some new ones!!!


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