noodles and cheese

Last night husband turned to me and in his most serious voice said,
"Tiff, this time next week . . ."
This time next week what? I asked.
"This time next week I will know how to make cheese."

Welcome to Dan’s 214 hobbies. Husband is a hobby fanatic. He loves to learn new things. His lovely bride, on the other hand, would rather clean. Or watch a movie. Or blog. Hey, I have a hobby! Blogging. Look at me. Husband will be so proud.

Ok, back on track. So, next week husband will know how to make cheese. But currently he is a noodle making machine. Last month husband took a pasta making class. I know, so cute right? I can just picture him in class, making his pasta with all the other ladies people, sipping his vino. When husband first talked to me about this idea, I have to admit I wasn’t thrilled.

Pasta makers are how much money?
You have to use how many ingredients to make the pasta?
You will be pouring flour all over whose clean kitchen counter?

But, after tasting these amazing noodles, I had only one more question.
When do I get to eat some more?

You know the other great thing about these classes? I should never have to worry about having a lack of things to blog about. But you might get sick of hearing about husband's 214 hobbies.


  1. My mom used to make homemade noodles-- no machine. They were the best! Of course, I've never made them. I remember the mess and a lot of rolling pin action. I just buy them. No comparison!

  2. Hi! I have taken a class at this culinary center before. It was fun! Props to your hubby for even wanting to cook! Looking forward to following your blog:)

  3. I am counting on homemade noodles the next time we are in KC!

  4. this is too funny! at least you get to enjoy the fruits of someone else's hobbies - and if that pasta is as good as you're talking it up, I'd like some too, please!

    I found you on the comments of The Neesby Lookbook. I'm excited to follow your blog! love it so far :)


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