meet my friend taupe

Michael Kors Showstopper. $275 at Macys.

Anne Klein Taupe. $50 at Macys.
Which do you prefer?
I thought Michael Kors Showstopper at first too.
So I bought it.
Then I returned it.
Don’t get me wrong, the watch is amazing. But it is also ginormous and every time I put it on, Flavor Flav would pop into my head and I could. not. get. him. out. The watch is truly a showstopper, as they say. Maybe I’m just not a showstopper kind of gal?

I exchanged it for the Anne Klein taupe. No, it’s not MK. But, I have to admit that I actually like it better. Obsessed with taupe right now. Got the taupe boots, taupe watch and 24 shirts in taupe. Husband isn't thrilled about taupe. But husband doesn't have awesome style like me. I'm kidding. I mean come on, I just exchanged MK for Anne Klein. I'm probably not the highest in your style books right now.

But I did put $225 back in my pocket with this little exchange. My pocket is haappppy! Plus I don't look like Mr. Flav anymore. Not that he isn't awesome.

Ahhh, taupe. Who knew we would be such great friends.


  1. Funny post! My husband gives me hard time about liking taupe too! He always complains how we have only have "blah" walls in the house. Which is so not true!! We have taupe, pistachio and brown paper bag:)

  2. Oh man, I have had my eye on that first MK watch forever! Your new watch is super chic too.. I love taupe, my wardrobe is full of it! xo


  3. Ok so I about fell out of my chair...who is this girl and where did Tiff go?!! First off...this post is hilarious but I can't believe that you actually bought the MK watch. What happen to my frugal Tiff but you redeemed yourself when you took it back and bought the cheaper one :) I LOVE it...looks adorable!!!

  4. i love this choice. I was going to say I liked the second one better. i'm into taupe too. it just doesn't look good on my skin tone. boo! xo

  5. I just bought some taupe shoes online today, you would be so proud!


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