live to eat or eat to live

I write like a boy. I know. I've been told.
  This little chalkboard in our kitchen is what gets me through each and every week. I look at this board in the morning before I head out to work and think . . .

‘hooray! we’re having ____ tonight' or
‘oh that will be fun to eat ____ with husband this evening’ or
‘a nice glass of red wine will go good with ____ tonight’

I know they say you shouldn’t live to eat, but rather you should eat to live.

I don’t get it.
Usually we eat boring healthy grilled fish. But for some crazy, wonderful reason husband decided to fry our fish. And now I don't think I can ever have grilled fish again.
I love grease.

P.S. The meals above were prepared by husband last week. This week Dan is traveling and the chalkboard looks something like this:

Monday- hot pockets
Tuesday- frozen burritos
Wednesday- uhhh, soup from a can?
Thursday- anything else that can cook in a microwave
Friday- husband returns! hip hip hooray!


  1. I love these husbands who cook! We are spoiled, aren't we??!!!

  2. I'm moving in.

    Except I'm moving out when the husband is out of town.

    1. and you don't write like a boy. I DO. it's a mix between, cursive, print, & chinese.

  3. i LOVE the chalkboard in the kitchen! i want one!

    i couldn't agree more! i definitely live to eat. i even get a little sad every night, once dessert is over, knowing that i have to wait until morning to eat again! :)

  4. Ha! Whenever my hubs is out of town, it's the same. PB&J, cereal, oatmeal from a packet, frozen pizza. lol Whatever will keep the kids happy and takes a minimum of 10 minutes to fix. =)

    I absolutely LOVE the idea of a chalkboard menu! I'm totally copying you!

  5. ok, the last menu, so funny. i hate cooking. hate it. and if i didn't have to cook for my husband, i'd be living off of frozen pizza. true story.

  6. Having a chalkboard menu in the kitchen is the cutest idea. Everything sounds so yummy! xo


  7. I love this idea! I want a chalk board filled with yummy food menus!

  8. Hahaha your menu when hubby is away made me laugh outloud! Too funny.

    Oh and now I need a chalkboard in our kitchen :)

  9. I think I am coming to live with yall.. I want to join in on dinner time!

    Love your blog! Can't wait to read more.


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