lab in the dining room

I can't remember why I took this picture a few weeks ago. Your guess is as good as mine. But it does just happen to be one of my favorite little nooks in our humble little home.

I love our simple white wedding dishes.

I love our metal J, which still gets me every time I look at it.
J? Why do we have a J in our home? Oh yeah, my last name starts with J.
Being married is still a little surreal. Actually, scratch that. Being married is not that different from dating. But changing your last name . . . that is oh so weird.

I love our crystal bowl spilling over with wine corks. What else would you fill a crystal bowl with?

I love the chocolate lab picture that my parents gave us when we first brought Sherman home as a six week old ball of fluff. And I love even more that the lab in the picture has the same chocolate red coat as Sherm. No one knew at the time that our chocolate lab pup would turn red. But apparently the lab in the picture was going for the same look.

I love that this is the focal point when we sit down at the table to have dinner every evening. Just husband and I. And Sherman on the side, furiously licking out peanut butter from his Kong.

I love that we will always have these special little memories in our humble little home.

Maybe someday we will have a bigger home. Maybe someday we will have another dog. Or even a kid. *gasp*

But for now the three of us are doing just fine.  
The three of us + the lab in the dining room.


  1. That looks great Tiff! I agree...changing your last name is the WEIRDEST thing.

  2. I also have a favorite "nook" in our house that also features a metal letter of our last name initial. I love your cute blog (and your chocolate lab--I'm sorta obsessed with having one one day.)

    FEST (a new blog about food, style & travel)

  3. Except I think it's a hunting dog in the picture, not a city dog. But a dog can dream....

  4. I always have to stop in the dog picture section of Gander Mountain or Bass Pro Shop to look at all the cute chocolate lab pictures just like this one!!!


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