itty bitty closet makeover

I wish.
This is my closet.
All five feet of it.
And this weekend I will be saying goodbye to my oversized totes.
And my boots.
Oh man am I going to miss you guys.
Especially you. Yes you . . . in the taupe.
And goodbye to my sweaters in gray, black, brown and taupe.
All must go.
It’s spring. And this itty bitty closet will be getting some much needed color. Stripes, flowers and obnoxiously bright colors are in the game plan.
Old Navy/Old Navy/Old Navy
Don’t worry, this is not my attempt to start a fashion blog.
I probably spent $30 total on these six shirts. Six!
I’m not fashionable (and thank you husband for reminding me of this every single day). I'm just cheap.


  1. I was super jealous until I realized that first closet wasn't yours. Want to come organize my closet? I'd be ashamed to show you a picture of it.

  2. Oh man, I can only dream of a closet as gorgeous as that first photo! A closet makeover can be quite the task sometimes, but that productive feeling you get afterwards when looking at it makes it totally worth it! xo


  3. I love getting good deals on clothes! I got 3 shirts at JCP yesterday for $11! Good job on your 6 shirts too! =)

  4. I can certainly relate! You're making me want to reorganize MY closet . . .

  5. The one thing that can't be bought is STYLE and girl, by the look of your spring wardrobe, I can tell you have great style ;)



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