I'm that girl

The girl who gets excited about condiment bars. If there is an all-you-can-eat relish/tomato/onion stand, you bet I will take multiple scoops, regardless of what it is that I'm eating.

The girl who puts a dab of water in the almost-empty ranch dressing bottle to ensure every last bit is used before tossing it into the recycle bin.

The girl who sometimes (only sometimes) pours back the orange juice husband failed to drink on Saturday morning. No, I was not born during The Depression. That would sure help explain a lot though.
The girl whose sole purpose while shopping is to find stores that give out free samples. Free samples of anything. Anything at all.

The girl who steals politely takes a doggy poop bag from the local park every single morning, regardless of what business has been done. Hmm. That doesn't sound too nice written down. Maybe I'll stop doing that.
The girl who never ever wastes any food. Ever. Human garbage disposal is my nickname for a very good reason.

The girl who just recently went home excited after a two hour wait at the doctor’s office without even seeing a doctor because she got not one, but TWO free cups of Keurig coffee while waiting ... for two hours ... without even seeing a doctor. Score!

Yep, I’m that girl.

P.S. I thought it would be difficult to find pictures of me being frugal. It wasn't. It was ridiculously easy.


  1. this is one (of MANY) reasons why i love tiffany jones. these pictures crack me up!

  2. You left out the story of the Lean Pockets. My girls still laugh about you and your Lean Pockets!! And I'm with kbowman!

  3. This is funny!
    I think a lot of us can relate
    Thanks for the laugh

    xo Jessica

  4. ahahahahahahahhahahahaahahahah, oh you're ridiculous in a.. I love this girl kind of way.

  5. I'm waaaaayyyy late to this post, but this is my best friend TO A FREAKING T!! Too funny!!


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