happy friday from the brunette

Apparently this is my natural color. Or one itsy bitsy shade darker than my natural color. Either way, it's still crazy dark. Who knew.

And it only took two toner and three color treatments to get here. Naturally.

At the time, I could not think of anything more embarrassing than having to ask husband to take pictures of me making the funny faces above. So I did what any shy girl would do. I locked myself in the bathroom, placed my crappy little camera on a shelf in the medicine cabinet and took about 52 self-timer shots before I got one that didn't have my head chopped off.
velcro dog
Sherman helped.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and get to do something crazy fun like change your hair color.
Do it. I dare you.


  1. Tiff, your blogs are so fun. Maybe you will be a writer like John Boy Walton. Do you know who that is? I am so glad you and Jen are best friends, through thick and thin. Baby Jack says hi and he can't wait to come play with Sherman.

  2. You are so pretty even with brown hair!! :D

    Check out the GIVEAWAY giveaway on my blog! Totally easy to enter! xo


  3. I love the dark hair, very sophisticated. And you and Sherm match now!


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