hangin with the boys

This past weekend husband had to go out to the country to check on his bees. I first mentioned these scary, flying, buzzing things here. Sherman and I decided to ride along so that we could spend some quality time with a couple of his besties. Two beautiful, fun and lovable goldens.
Who just happen to have the country as their backyard.
We played fetch with this amazing thing.
And did some French kissing.
And sat perfectly still for treats.
Until Sherm got bored and left.
And went swimming.
I was actually instructed by husband not to let the boys swim in this big, beautiful pond. I guess this sparkling water does not belong to our family. But have you ever tried to keep retrievers out of water on a sunny 70 degree day?
Absolutely impossible.
Honestly, I really didn't even try.
I think at one point I even said "go get in the water boys."
We absolutely love hanging out with the boys and Sherman does not understand why in the world we would ever have to go back to the city.
He pouts and pouts and pouts.
Then passes out in the backseat.

Thanks boys for the awesome play day. You are the best goldens ever.


  1. How cute are these three! I am a total dog lover, and consider mine just another member of the family! xo


  2. Some dogs have all the luck! I love how carefree they look. Not a worry in the world....

    Ok, I get back to work ;)


  3. I just love watching animals in the spring. Even the old ones feel playful!

  4. ahhhh...the boys...i am their grandmum. makes me happy to see them run and have a friend.

    1. aww, grandmum! thanks for commenting! we looove the boys.

  5. I just laughed so hard at the picture of the three of them waiting for treats and then Sherm leaving. No patience!


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