bling bling

Husband bought me these beauts today.
Several of them actually.
But don't worry, they were on sale.
velcro dog
It has been one rainy Sunday.
So this was the perfect indoor activity.
Our humble little home was built around 1950.
Lots of character and charm.
Horrible door knobs.
But thanks to the rainy day and nothing better to do, we now have these awesome glass knobs. I personally think they add that special touch.
There is something about glass door knobs and hardwood floors that make me so happy.

Now I just need to get husband to buy me some diamond studs that look as good as these knobs.


  1. At first I thought they were earrings! They do look nice on the doors though!

  2. I love them! So pretty!

  3. So pretty!!!

    I also thought they were diamond earrings at first :)


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