be kind

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

Kind of makes you stop and catch your breath. 

Be kind. Love others.
Feel blessed. Be blessed.
And pray that others are blessed as well.

Thanks big sis for the quote.
You are the strongest, smartest and kindest girl I know.

P.S. Our neighborhood has the most amazing trees. Some of the houses could use some work, some of the yards could use some mowing and some of the streets could use some new pavement.
But the trees. The trees will keep me here for awhile.

Oh and I still want this camera.
So that I can take better pictures of trees.


  1. Such a true post! And what a beautiful tree!!!

    Happy Sunday!!

  2. I love that quote--one of my favorites. And what is it about trees? That was what killed me after the tornado. I won't live long enough to see the streets canopied by trees again. So sad.

  3. BEAUTIFUL picture and beautifully said! I would have to agree with you about your Sis being an amazing girl...just don't forget the part that she is blessed to have an amazing sister!! : ) Love you girls!


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