a bathroom from scratch

Not only can husband make pasta from scratch . . .
he can build bathrooms from scratch too.
This is what our old yucky bathroom in our old yucky basement looked like before Dan got his magical hands involved.
He did everything from plumbing to electrical to drywall to tile to paint to . . .
Remember this fun little pinterest item I first showed you here?
I love that he left all the wood natural. Smart man.
He is also smart for marrying me.
This was my contribution.
I bought a bamboo soap dish.
Look at me!

TWO toilets in the Jones household.
I could not be any more excited.
It’s the little things in life.


  1. Where do we get our own Dan? The Mr. can coach football and sell RV's. No handyman, mechanic here! (What the heck was I thinking??!!) I love it, Tiff! And that bamboo soap dish makes it!

  2. Way to go Dan the Man!!! Dang Tiff you husband is good :) And your contribution was perfect too!!

  3. So you think your Dan could give some lessons?! ; )

  4. Wow! He did a great job!

  5. I'm so impressed!! Looks great, can't wait to see it in person! And yes that was me inviting myself over, preferably wine is involved. :)

  6. I love it! I hope our bathroom in the yucky basement turns out that well! The pinterest project and your soap dish make it!

  7. Wow!! So impressed!! I wish hubby was handy, haha.

  8. So impressed! This is awesome. And I love your pinterest contribution :)

    Great blog!

  9. Woo hoo! Your man is amazzzing! I love the pinterest idea... I'm going to start collecting mason jars for my own project :)

  10. oooooh! i Love the jars!

    just passin' through...

  11. I can't believe your husband did all of that! Amazing. I love love love the bathroom. And it looks so clean. I like clean. And I am so jealous of your basement. SoCal cookie cutter condos made with pink stucco don't get basements. Where's the fairness in that?

  12. Completely jealous! My house only has one bathroom and the hubs and I fight over it in the morning. Almost all of my showers end with him pounding on the door yelling at me to hurry up because he has to "go". Aaaahhhh, the joys of married life.

    Just curious...how did you do a toilet in the basement? We've looked into, but it seems complicated.


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