why the country is awesome

You can tuck your pajama pants into your boots for a quick ride on the ranger. Heck, you can wear your pajama pants all day long if you choose.
You get to drive these monsters and play hide-n-seek in the woods. It's actually really fun. And surprisingly difficult. I could not find husband for the longest time.
Guns (even nerf guns) are never frowned upon.
You get to see hunting dogs do amazing tricks. Gretchen has got some serious ups. I mean, serious ups. Want to see it again?
But, husband and I are city folk. And Sherman's routine consists of walks by Einstein Bros. and Target, doggy daycare complete with report cards and webcams, and sleeping on a leather couch. I'm not so sure he could make it out in the country.

Back to the city we go.
Thank you, country, for the awesome long weekend getaway.

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