velcro dog

Dogs are great for so many reasons. Sherman is especially awesome because he is always there. I mean the ‘trip over him, accidentally shut his head in the fridge, close him in the basement behind me’ kind of always there.
If I’m doing dishes, he lays on the cold kitchen tiles by my feet. If I'm working at my computer, he is in our office, stretched out on the hardwood floors. If husband and I are watching a movie, he is on one of our laps. Or at least as much of him that will fit. Sherman is 95 lbs. 95 people! It’s a little tricky to be a lap dog at this point. But he still gives it a good try.
But my favorite, my all-time favorite thing about Sherm . . . he is by my side when I am sick. How in the world do dogs understand that you're sick? I'll admit I have some pretty exaggerated moans and groans that emerge when I'm ill. But do dogs really understand that moans and groans = no 5am walks and lots of extra snuggle time? My dog sure seems to get it.
Since the flu kept me in bed for several days last week, husband brought out Sherman’s c&b travel bed (he may or may not have more items from crate&barrel than we do) and put it next to our bed so that he could be close to me. He never left my side.

Some people ask how others can be so attached to their pets. And I ask . . .
how can you not be?

Thanks for taking care of me Sherman. You’re the best nurse dog ever.


  1. Awww I love Sherm! I think Draco would like to go to the dog park with him again sometime soon!

  2. So sweet, Sherm. Our little white cocker spaniel never left the door of our bedroom after I had the stroke. I think she thought she was in charge. They really do have a 6th sense about things.

  3. that is so sweet! he's a keeper, for sure. x


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