A good friend of mine is getting married in Mexico today. Today! Oh man do I wish I could be there. Instead I am on a dayquil, nyquil, orange juice and chicken noodle soup diet. But I'm sure that I am having just as much fun as they are.
Husband and I got married in Mexico too.
We had absolutely no clue what the judge was saying during the ceremony (the sour face above is my attempt to not laugh). Husband and I do not speak Español.
We have absolutely no clue if we are even married.
I’m kidding, we are.
I think.
We have ahhhmazing family and friends. The best really. They were nice enough to miss work for a beach vacation. Aren't they sweet?
Oh man did we have a good time in Mexico.
Then we came back to cold and snowy Kansas City for the big party.
Why didn’t we just stay in Mexico?


  1. Why oh why didn't I go to Mexico? The Mr. and I walked the two/three blocks from your reception to the hotel in a blinding snowstorm! Running across the intersection was perilous! But boy that was an amazing reception!

  2. Great, great memories! I wish I was there right now, sitting in the warm sun with a margarita looking at the ocean....ahhhhh.....

  3. Beautiful wedding photos! Gorgeous!

  4. Gosh what a gorgeous wedding! And the royal blue/kelley green look so great together. Seriously, stunning.

  5. Ahahaha, not only were we both married in Cozumel, we were married by the same Español speaking judge! Yay for Cozumel weddings!!

  6. Your wedding was beautiful! I mostly love the pictures of when yall went back home!

  7. Wow.. .I'm digging deep into your blog. But I must make two comments: (a) did you have TWO weddings? you are so out of control in a good way. (b) do you like in Kansas City? If so, which one? Aren't there two? I care about this because I went to a wedding in Kansas City, Missouri, and was dreading going to that town (sorry), but ended up having the most amazing time in my life. I LOVE Kansas City. (Sorry, if you live in actual Kansas. I haven't been there too much.) But Missouri. LOVE IT! Burnt ends and PBR all the way.

  8. i am so obsessed with that last picture of you two!!! love love the sweater!


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