my pinterest hero

Husband is pretty handy. I give him a picture, he studies the picture, he makes the picture come to life. It truly is that easy for him. Sometimes annoyingly easy. Anyways, last weekend I showed him the pinterest inspiration shown above. Maybe he was feeling sorry for me because I was sick. Or maybe he was just ridiculously motivated. But a quick 30 minutes later husband said, "ok."
Umm, ok what?
"ok", he said again. "ok, I'm done."
Excuse me?
I love this man.
I can not wait to get this fun little item up in our new guest bathroom. Next up . . . potting table made out of old barnwood (also pinterest inspired).

I feel so lucky to have found someone who can make my pinterest dreams come true.


  1. that is so cool! can he teach dean these things?

  2. I am impressed! Can you clone him?!

  3. Love this idea..might steal it for our tiny master bathroom. thanks for the blog comments...your pup is too cute!!! Hope all is well, Tiffany!

  4. LOVE it! How did I miss this on pinterest??? Looks like a new project is being added to the honey-do (by the end of the weekend) list. :)


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