honey bear

I've only been sick about nine times this year. Why not have some more fun? According to husband, his honey will make it all better. Yep, his honey. Husband has bees. I don't like to claim them, and I really can't since I have yet to actually go out to the hives (bees scare me). But I do know that they are real.
In purple. Of course.

Here's to hoping the honey helps. I've taken about five gigantic spoonfuls this morning.


  1. I love your husband! Renaissance man! Get better, girl!

  2. how sweet. no pun intended :) sending you nothing but health and positive energy!

    and i wasn't going to mention this, but since you're in bed, presumeably, anyways... i'm currently hosting a GIVEAWAY on my blog :) come by if you're interested! i hope we can connect! hehe.



  3. lucky you! i would be sooo ecstatic to have homemade honey right in my backyard!!
    cute blog! i'm reading it from beginning to end right now...haha. xoxo, Shawnee

  4. Are you kidding!? My husband farms watermelons and WE have our own bees! I seriously think that bee's pollen from the area that you are in truly helps with allergies...not sure about actual sickness though!

    And, how crazy in common are we!??!!?


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