This is our night, every night.
Sherman with a tennis ball in his mouth (sometimes two, sometimes three).
Porter fresh out of the bath, crazy curly hair and a cloth diaper.
Dan being super dad and just doing it all.

Every evening around 5:30 Dan takes over with Porter and gives him a bath while I walk/run the crazy Sherm dog, who is more than ready to get out of the house. Oh who am I kidding, so am I. Then Porter gets his sippy cup of milk around 6, followed by books and kisses, and it's off to dreamland by 6:30. Then Dan cooks dinner for me, I cook dinner for Sherman (scooping = cooking in my books) and the rest of the evening is spent relaxing and trying our best to avoid the 97 different creaks in our old hardwood floors to ensure the sleeping babe stays a sleeping babe.

Ahhhh, night.
I sure love you.


the lost shoe

Whenever Porter is unsure of something, if he doesn't know the answer to a question or if something is confusing him, he extends one chubby little hand, spreads all five fingers as wide as they can go and shrugs his little shoulders, like I dunno. It melts my heart and is something I never ever want to forget. 

So yesterday we were getting ready to head out the door. And then I noticed my kid only had one shoe on. So I took the one shoe off and asked him where his other shoe went.

He extended one chubby little hand, spread all five fingers as wide as they could go and shrugged his little shoulders. I dunno, mom.

And then we spent the next 42 minutes looking for his lost shoe.
Well, he looked for his shoe.
I took pictures and imagined what was going through that sweet little head of his.
Mom wants me to find my lost shoe.
Maybe it fell behind that giant candle I'm not supposed to touch.
Maybe I should touch that giant candle I'm not supposed to touch.
No, no, concentrate Porter.
I see mom's shoes.
There's my coat.
But no lost shoe.
I dunno.
I dunno.
I dunno.
You're documenting this?
Really mom?
Hey! I just remembered!
Dad's working from home today.
I'll go ask him if he's seen my shoe.
Dad, I dunno where my shoe is.
Have you seen it?
It's blue. 
It used to be cousin Jack's.
It looks identical to this one.
Have you seen it, dad?
Get off that conference call and help me!
This is hard.
I wonder what mom's going to make me for lunch.
I'm kind of hungry. 
And these teeth are hurting like a ...
I think I see my shoe!
I dunno.
Maybe not.
Definitely not.
That was a squirrel.
You came to help me look for my shoe!
(he came to look at the squirrel)
You're not being very helpful, Sherm.
I'll just wear mom's shoes instead.
These will work juuuuust fine.
They almost fit perfectly.
There's the other shoe!
I did it ... I found it!
(mom actually found it and placed it behind him)
Sherman, we found it!
Want to smell?
And they all lived happily ever after.
Two blue shoes included.


friday selfies

We have absolutely no fun together.
None at all.

Happy Friday!

we always have ...

There are a few things that we always have sitting out on our counter tops, ready to munch on. Because if we don't have these things, I tend to eat an entire bag of chips or swallow a fudge dipped chocolate chip granola bar whole. I love kitchens with bare counter tops, but those who really know me, know I need food ready and available at all times. Seriously, otherwise I'll faint, remember? And opening a cupboard is just too dang difficult if you're hungry. ;)

So here are my go-to snacks on the counter:


Luckily, Porter loves all of the above too. We also always have a big bowl full of sweet potatoes (Porter and Sherman love them) and typically red potatoes and onion to compliment Dan's weekly meals. 

Tonight is Risotto.
So excuse me while I start drooling.


vroom vroom

At Porter's 15-month checkup (back in January) our pediatrician was flying through her lovely little checklist while I sat there nodding, saying "yup, yup, uh huh" when suddenly she threw me a curve ball and asked "so, is he saying around 5-15 words yet?"

Uhhhhh. Nope.
Try zero words.

"Really? Oh well is he just quiet then?"

Yup, I guess so.
Quiet like his mama and quiet like his daddy.
And brother Sherman doesn't say a whole lot either.
So yes, he is quiet. 

Now, at 16 months, we can kiiiiind of understand "mama" and "dada" and "hi" (with vigorous hand movement, of course) ... and he recently added one more to the list.

Vroom Vroom.
Vroom Vroom.
Vroom Vroom.

All. Day. Long.