a birthday

Today is Dan's birthday. Yay!
This morning Dan got up with Porter around 5:45am so that I could sleep just a few more minutes.
Last night Dan made cookies with sprinkles. He ate one. I've had five so far.
Dan is currently in our kitchen whipping up some eggs for breakfast.
After breakfast Dan told me he's going to mow, water, and paint.
I think I'll take a nap with Porter and Sherm.

Maybe today is my birthday??

P.S. I did actually get the guy a card this year. Which is better than forgetting his birthday altogether, which is what happened two years ago. We love you so much Dan and think the world of you! Thank you for marrying down so that I could marry up. :)


around our kitchen

The plan was to just take "two or three" pictures of some of the vegetables we've been lucky enough to snatch up from family these last few days. But I got a little carried away. Imagine that. Taking these photos made me realize how much we have Dan has done since that little home tour nearly two years ago. TWO. Can you believe it? Have you seriously been reading this blog for that long? If so, can I suggest you get a dog? Just kidding. I'm thrilled to still have you! Congrats on making it through 9,325 pictures ... and a few dozen words. :) 

But really. Dan has been one busy bee. Our once very dark and very scary basement that was only used for laundry and storage now has a bathroom, living room and bedroom and is bright white and pretty fun if you ask me. And our upstairs bathroom that had an ugly old window in the shower has now been redone for the second time in seven years and ... voila! ... no more ugly old window. And in February 2012, just a few weeks before I found out I was pregnant with P, Dan ripped apart our kitchen for the second time in seven years (I'm not loving this trend we have going on here of "let's do everything twice") and put up some new cabinet fronts and knobs. We've done a whole lot of rearranging and brightening throughout our humble little home too. Now if Sherman and Porter would just stop bothering me all day, I might be able to show you some of these home improvements. ;) Until then ... a few snapshots here and there will just have to do.

Oh and the best part about our kitchen, hands down ... 
My favorite little helper.


brotherly love

Instagram pics
Getting to watch these two brothers interact on a daily basis has been so fun. Especially lately. Porter wants to be near Sherman all of the time. And Sherman wants to be near Porter all most of the time. If Porter is ever upset, I just call Sherman's name and he comes trotting in to save the day. The salty tears are replaced with sweet giggles and Porter is instantly happy again. Lately Sherman has been there for every single diaper change. And every single meal. And no doubt you'll find him curled up at our feet during story time just before Porter goes down for his nap. This brotherly love might just cause my heart to burst. Or it might cause me to get four more dogs. And have five more babies.


throwback ... tuesday?

I rarely participate in the #throwbackthursday shenanigans. Actually, this might be my very first #throwbackthursday post ever. Oh right. But it's Tuesday. So now we're right back to where we started. I have yet to participate in a #throwbackthursday post. Are you tired of reading #throwbackthursday yet?
Ok good. Me too. 

So we'll just call this a plain ole' post on a Tuesday. A post on a Tuesday with two little pictures of my sweet little babe when he was just four weeks old. I've been in such a funk (I bolded the "n" so you wouldn't think it said ... well ... you know) today that I needed to look back at these pictures for my own sanity. I'm not sure what it is. Everything is great. Dan is good. Porter is good. Sherman is good (other than eating half of a frisbee today). The weather here in Kansas City is beautiful (it was 60 this morning! 60!). We're all doing great. But you know those days ... when you just don't feel quite good enough. I blame those silly supermoms who are doing an excellent job at taking care of their six children. Wait. Let's stop there for a minute. Who can take care of six children at the same time?! I can barely go on a walk with my baby and dog and make it home alive. Everywhere I look someone is building something amazing, creating something amazing, or even cooking something amazing! Oh how that cooking really gets under my skin. ;) But honestly, can everyone just stop being so wonderful at everything so that I can feel better about myself? Ok, great! ;)   <---------   Please please take those "winks" very seriously. 

So just a little funk is all.
Nothing a hot shower and a kiss from Sherm dog can't cure. 

P.S. A million thanks to my good friend Christina the photographer for the sweet photos above. If you guys don't have a photographer as a friend yet ... you need to get one. ASAP.


our third date in three years

Just in case you missed our first two dates ...
Date 1: Consisted of free tickets to a soccer game. Don't forget the romantic concession food and cheap expensive booze.
Date 2: Consisted of a Groupon that was due to expire the night we went out to dinner. There was no dancing. Just Dan being a grump about having to take pictures. And then me being a grump because Dan was being a grump. 

So now. 
Date numero tres.   

First let's start out by making fun of the Joneses. See that picture up there? See how we planned our outfits to match in an "opposites attract" kind of way? Okay so we didn't plan it, but the hotel clerk checking us in sure thought we did and got a good chuckle out of it. After kissing Porter and Sherman goodbye (Sherman was the best babysitter, by the way) Dan and I rushed out of the house, threw our bags in the backseat of the car and started driving away. Then we looked at each other for the very first time all morning and both ... at the exact same time ... said "omigosh we are wearing the same shirt!". Why Sherman and Porter never said anything is beyond me.
Our third date consisted of a road trip down to The Old Market Business District in Omaha, Nebraska. Now would be a good time to make fun of the Joneses again. I loved Omaha, I did. And I could talk about those gorgeous, old brick buildings all day long. The drinks were good and the food was amazing and we had the best time walking around this adorable little neighborhood. But does anyone really drive three hours to Omaha for a date? Without kids? And stay a few blocks away from the Omaha Zoo? Without kids? Strange. I know. But Dan had a free hotel room that was due to expire on the 31st. So off to Omaha we went. To take advantage of the free breakfast and free wifi. Oh and they gave us tokens for free drinks too. At one point over lunch Dan caught me smiling to myself and said the same thing that he always says when he knows I've just received something for free ... "You're sitting there thinking about how cool you are, aren't you Tiff?"
Yes I am. 
Dan thought being twins was funny.
I did not.
So until next year ... 
keep going on dates with your lova.

Just be sure to check your outfits before heading out the door.