put me in coach

Oh goodness.
Have you ever watched a bunch of two-year-olds play soccer? This was last Saturday and I'm still laughing about it. I don't think there's anything cuter. Just in case you want to know what happens at a soccer practice for two-year-olds, it goes something like this ...

Sit in a circle and sing songs.
Water break. 
Stand up and hold hands and sing songs.
Water break.
Run around cones.
Water break.
Play a game where you run away from safari animals.
Water break.
Try to keep the two-year-olds focused.
So just take another water break.
Let's bring out the soccer balls now since there are eight minutes left in practice. 
Water break.
Tell a bunch of two-year-olds that they can't touch the ball with their hands.
WATER break.


around our home // a fall season

Happy fall y'all! How many times did you read that on your social media accounts yesterday? I counted 82. But who's counting. Oh I am. Anywho ... it's finally here! F A L L. And do you know what I just figured out this fall? Remember when I wrote this post about baby Keller being in my belly? And remember when I told you that although he could be early like his big brother, I was absolutely CERTAIN he would still be a "fall/autumn" baby? Ha. ha. ha. Apparently he came two days before Autumn. This is funny to me only because I am such a planner and yet nothing in my life ever goes as planned. But that's okay life ... I kind of like you anyways. Especially in the fall.

a murray restoration

Big boy Porter got some new big boy wheels recently. Or as "big boy" as tricycles can be. He still rides his little red Radio Flyer from time to time. But if anyone comes over to his house, he immediately runs up to them and says, "want to see my new BIG blue bike?" and the little red trike is history. Dan recently found an old Murray tricycle at a garage sale and brought it home to show me. I was not impressed. But then! He fixed it all up and made it look all shiny and new. Want to see what it used to look like? 
See why I wasn't impressed?
Now you want to see the shiny, new, blue version, right? 
Nice work, Dan.
You are officially good at every single thing that you attempt to do.
And that's totally not annoying at all. ;) 



Happy first birthday baby boy.
We love you to the moon and back.
And over and over and over again.