kitchen update

We are no strangers to DIY home renovations.
Our house has literally been "under construction" for the past eight years.
But renovations with a four year old lab and a walking toddler?
Oh my.
Just move me now.
This was a few weeks ago.
The before.
And this is how we have been living. 
For way too long.
But man oh man will it all be worth it.
I kiss that white subway tile every morning.
And noon.
And night.

porter on the move

This crazy kid took his very first steps on New Years Day. He was nearing 15 months at the time and we were all getting pretty anxious for him to start walking. He took two steps from me to his daddy and we all squealed with delight. Yay! Porter is walking! And then the next day ... notta. No steppin' whatsoever. And the day after that ... notta. This kid takes his sweet time with milestones, that is for certain.

About two weeks ago, around mid-January and at 15 months old, Porter really decided to go. And by go, I mean not walk, but run. He literally goes as fast as he possibly can, falls down, gets up again, and goes as fast as he possibly can again. Reminds me of his mama. I tend to go as fast as I can in life. And I fall down. A lot. But we always get up, don't we P? :)

Cheers to a new skill learned, baby boy.
And lots of bumps and bruises to prove it.


baby it's cold

Oh goodness I love January. And December. And February. And Spring and Fall are great too. Just don't talk to me about summer. Don't you dare. But maybe I'm okay with all of this cold weather stuff (unlike so many others) because I know what to do about it. Here is what you can do. In my humble opinion ... 

1. Take pictures. Taking pictures of anything automatically makes it 1,234 times better. Seriously. Try it. Your dog ate your couch? No biggie. Just take a picture. People will laugh with you. And cry with you. And then all will be good.

2. Grab all your blankets and throws and pillows and sprinkle them around your cold hardwood floors. It somehow makes it cozier. And messier. And just more fun. 

3. Drink an absurd amount of coffee and tea. All day long. And hot chocolate with extra marshmallows.

4. Redecorate. Redecorate. Redecorate. And maybe even organize your spice cupboard. Things are gettin' crazy up in here. 

5. Make grilled cheese. With extra cheese for the kid. And extra extra cheese for you.

6. Wear slippers.

7. Give your dog a large window to look out of so that he can stalk squirrels. And bark at the mailman.

8. Let your kids make messes.

9. Chase the sunlight.

10. Play "this little piggy" 118 times. And savor those sweet little giggles.

Enjoy this beautiful, cold season.
It only comes around once a year. :)


sherm and zeus

It is currently 14 degrees outside. So yes, these pictures are a few months old. And 14 is warm if we are comparing it to yesterday. Which we are. I love this weather, don't get me wrong. But for those of you who don't ... here are a few pictures of green grass and bare baby feet (and dogs, of course) to help get you through this chilly week. Sherman recently gained a new first cousin named Zeus and boy are we obsessed. The only thing cuter than a chocolate lab might be a yellow lab. Or a black lab. Okay, so I love labs. And puppy labs?! Oh, my puppy ovaries! Give me one noooooow.
Look at that smile.
Best cousin friends forever.


see ya next year

Way too many people have tricked me lately by saying "I'll see you next year" or "I'll get that done for you next year" ... and I just stand there staring at them like "Huh?? What exactly do you mean you won't get it done until next year?? Next YEAR??" But then it eventually registers- that December is almost over, that 2014 will soon be 2015. And I smile and laugh and act like I got it all along. And yes, this happens to me every year. It takes me a while.

So this is us signing off until next year.
And depending on how our current kitchen remodel (Part 3) goes, it could be us signing off for a few weeks. Tonight Dan and I will be sipping champagne while removing blue floral contact paper with a heat gun. Okay, okay, so I will more than likely be snuggled up on the couch with a good book while Dan works on the kitchen. But either way, I know you're jealous. ;)

Happy New Year!
May 2015 be your best year yet.