summer lovin'

Lately it's been too hot to take our daily walks in the stroller with Sherman. Can you tell he's devastated about this silly summer weather? I hear ya, Sherm. I'm ready for fall too. But it is what it is. And to be honest, I haven't minded the summer heat nearly as much as I used to. Even with the extra 20+ lbs I'm now carrying around. It is just so fun to watch Porter explore the great outdoors, I literally forget I'm even pregnant most of the day. We try and make it outside for several hours every morning before lunch and his afternoon nap. I only have two rules about our time out and about.

1. Wherever we go must have water. A pool or a spray park at the very least. We must be able to cool off somehow.
2. Wherever we go must have a bathroom. Or I guess a pool is good enough. Kidding! Just kidding. I never pee in the pool. But really ... when you're pregnant it's totally fine. Kidding! Just kidding. 

So here are just a few pictures of Porter at our favorite nearby park, complete with swings and slides and a splash pad. Not to mention, ducks AND a couple of potties for the pregnant mama. Life is good.
Those 19 first aid kits that we got when Porter was born have come in verrrry handy this summer.
Oh and don't you worry about the Sherm Dog. After we tuck Porter in bed each night and the summer sun goes down, Sherm and I go on a long walk, just the two of us. The stroller never runs over his paws on accident and he doesn't have to listen to Porter say "tash" every time he sees a trash can. Or a bucket. Or anything that resembles a trash can in any way, shape or form. It's a win-win for all of us. :)

essential oils // anti-stretch mark cream

Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

2 oz glass beauty jar
Fill the rest of the bottle with raw coconut oil
Give a little stir and apply!

To be completely honest with you, I've never been afraid of stretch marks. But maybe that's because I've been lucky enough (so far) not to get any. But even if I gained a few, I'd like to believe that I would chalk them up to be nothing but a simple reminder that I was lucky enough to get pregnant, was lucky enough to get a huuuuge belly while growing my healthy baby, and was lucky enough to go through all the glorious things pregnant women get to experience, including gaining a few stretch marks.

But who knows, maybe I'd do the exact opposite and cry myself to sleep and eat a few extra bowls of Frosted Flakes. But I'd like to think I'd appreciate my stretch marks. Kind of like I appreciate my C-Section scar and the extra twenty vicarious veins that popped up on my legs while pregnant with Porter. 

But back to stretch marks. I know most women don't like them. So here's something you can do about it. If you're pregnant or planning on getting pregnant, let me suggest that you buy a biiiig jar of raw coconut oil. This stuff is amazing. Greasy as heck. But amazing. If that's all you want to buy, start there. I have read numerous articles that conclude coconut oil alone can do wonders for preventing stretch marks. Rub that greasy magic all over your growing belly every night, and morning too if you can.

If you're lucky enough to own essential oils, add a few drops of Lavender or Gentle Baby to your coconut oil. Both have been proven to help prevent stretch marks. I alternate these two oils, making a 2 oz jar with one and when that mixture runs out, I switch to the other oil. So far, so good! No stretch marks. And you guys, this ole belly of mine ain't small. I gained over 40 lbs with Porter and according to the nurses and doctors, it was, for the most part, 40 lbs in my stomach. Which means, this belly did a lot of stretching. And here we are, doing it again. The other great thing about this homemade cream is that it also prevents the wonderful itching that comes with the stretching of the skin.

Anti-itch + anti-stretch mark cream for Prez!


come on dogs

This is Porter trying to share his apple with the 7th dog he saw at the park last week.
And this is Porter starting to give up after the 12th dog said no to sharing his apple.
And this is Porter after realizing that a total of 29 dogs turned him down.

Come on, dogs.

big boy room, coming soon

Oh this little old house. If you came over for dinner one evening, no doubt you would probably hear Dan and I discussing where to put the new baby. And where to move Porter's crib. And omigosh, where is Sherman going to sleep?! (And I'm totally kidding about Sherman, he has more beds than all of us combined.) Our house hasn't gotten any bigger since we bought it back in 2007. Better? Yes. Much better. But definitely not bigger. So with our growing family, you would think this "starter-home" of ours would be the first to go. But we're just not there yet. Although we definitely talk about our options, neither one of us wants to give it up quite yet. Now that we've fixed up the third (and final) bedroom, we've been going back and forth on what we should do with it. Keep it as an office? Put the new babe in this room? Make this Porter's big boy room? I think we made a decision. But first ... let's take a look at what this room looked like back in 2007 ...
And then a couple of months ago
So now ...
we've decided to make this little room a big boy room for Porter.
And his current room will stay a nursery for his little brother or sister.
Two days ago I asked P if he wanted this new room to be his new room. He immediately walked back to his current room and I thought "oh no, he's sad about moving rooms and is going to his current room to hide and throw a fit and cry all day." Because you know, I'm pregnant and dramatic and that's how my mind works these days. Five seconds later he walked back out with a huge grin on his face, dragging a blanket and holding a few of his favorite trucks. He dropped his precious cargo down on the floor of his new room and that was that. He's been hanging out in there ever since. So now for the fun part of moving furniture and making this room just right for our very special soon-to-be big brother! 
And yes, we'll be sure to get him a bed too. :)



I'm going to go ahead and just leave you in suspense and not show you what happened next.
Because suspense is fun.
Okay, so really I just don't want you to think I'm a bad mom.
I only laughed a little when water sprayed up over his head.
And into his mouth.
And straight up his nose.
Okay, okay.
So I laughed a lot.