while big brother sleeps

I have been lucky enough to get both boys down for a nap at the exact same time maaaaybe twice in the last four months. I kid you not, Keller will be sleeping peacefully in his crib and the second I put Porter down, I glance at the monitor and sure enough, Keller is stirring away. Every. Single. Time. So we always make the best of it. We turn the heater down or completely off to ensure that it doesn't come on and wake big brother up (old houses! argh!) and put our stocking caps on and usually get cozy in mommy and daddy's bed and nurse and snuggle and chat. And after I'm tired of talking to myself with no response from Keller, other than the sweetest dimpled smiles and baby coos, I usually grab my phone and we start taking selfies. I don't know, as much as I always think I'd love for the boys to nap at the same time, getting one-on-one time with each kid is even better. But dang I could really use a hot shower one of these days.

what will he be

As Dan and I were putting Porter to bed tonight, Dan casually mentioned to P that he was going to finish up our taxes tonight. And because Porter now repeats everything we say, he said "tases?" And because Porter's favorite number is two and he can't say a sentence without it, he then said "two tases?" And you know, he was right. Dan said, "yep, two taxes, federal and state." Porter started giggling and couldn't stop as he tried his darnedest to pronounce federal. Then as I put him in his crib, he started to cry because he wanted to stay up and do taxes with daddy. I have been thinking that our little boy, who loves to fix things and would hammer Sherman's tail if we didn't stop him, might grow up to be a carpenter or engineer or builder of some kind. But now I'm thinking he might be an accountant like his Aunt Jen. You should have seen the big alligator tears when I told him taxes were boring. Carpenter or accountant or astronaut or teacher ... I just pray he wears pants to his first interview.


brotherly love

I forgot to tell you that at Keller's four month appointment, big brother Porter held his little brother's hand while he got four big ole shots in his chubby little thighs. He held his hand! I managed to hold back the tears as I witnessed the sweet brotherly love, but my gosh. These two boys.


sweet keller rolls

I could be wrong, but I think he might just beat his big brother on leg rolls. Porter's six month legs will always be impressive. But Keller's little four month rolls are starting to show a whole lot of promise.
Hooray for more cinnamon roll knees!

porter says

We have officially entered the adorable two year old stage where they *try to* repeat everything they hear. Porter grew up and started talking overnight. I mean, our baby is now saying complete sentences! Short. But still complete. And hearing him try to repeat the words we say is just making my heart swell. Yesterday he saw a pine sol commercial and ran around the house for a good 20 minutes saying "pie saw" and giggling to himself while doing so. Here are just a few of my new favorites: 
  • "Sit down mama, sit down!" He will say this 80 times until I actually sit down next to him. Persistent little guy.
  • "Cook daddy, cook!" if he's hungry.
  • He says "biiiiig hug" and "biiiig kiss" then after you give him a big hug, he says "two big hugs!" and you can't help but give him another one. A bigger one.
  • Says "excuse me" after sneezing. 
  • Says "please" and "thank you" 
  • Favorite new words: avocado, nacho, hot dog, toast, lucky charms, carrot, blanket and he's pretty good at saying Massachusetts, thanks to daddy. I need to post a video of this. 
  • He recently started saying "there you go" after he gives you something or successfully completes a task.
  • He says "mama, let's go downstairs" and "no sherman" and "put keller down" ... did I mention he's kind of bossy? 
Love you, sweet P!