all the heart eyes

... for these two.

trying to get a three year old to stand still and smile

Really mom?
Reeeeaaallly mom?
*gets distracted*
*smells flowers*
*gets distracted*
*finds daddy's earplugs*
Get those earplugs out of your eyes, boy!
Oh boy.
Here comes the singing.
I mean at least he's kind of standing still?
I'll take those earplugs, please.
What's that I see? 
A smile? 
Just a little forced.
Okay, a lot forced.


a few less than brother

Porter got 19 pictures that one time I just couldn't narrow it down.
This kiddo only gets 11.
But Keller got a hat and a swimming pool.
So being the second child isn't so bad after all.

a first garden

Welcome to Porter's first summer garden. With daddy's help, he is currently growing lettuce, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes. He helped plant the seeds and helps water daily and drags every neighbor and every friend over to the side of our house to see his very small but VERY IMPORTANT garden. His very first garden. Talk about cute.


floatin' the huzzah

Hands down, our annual Jones family canoe trips are my favorite trips to take with Dan. They always have been and I joke with him that these low-key camping trips are one of the reasons (if not THEE reason) why I married him. And this time ... for the first time ... we got to bring Porter! P did great and loved every minute of it. Baby Keller stayed home, but I was daydreaming the entire time about having three cute boys in my canoe. Maybe next year. We floated the Huzzah this year; it was clean and clear and absolutely beautiful. And can I just say once again how much I adore camping. Especially when camping includes cute cabins. Cute cabins with AC and refrigerators and coffee pots.