floatin' the huzzah

Hands down, our annual Jones family canoe trips are my favorite trips to take with Dan. They always have been and I joke with him that these low-key camping trips are one of the reasons (if not THEE reason) why I married him. And this time ... for the first time ... we got to bring Porter! P did great and loved every minute of it. Baby Keller stayed home, but I was daydreaming the entire time about having three cute boys in my canoe. Maybe next year. We floated the Huzzah this year; it was clean and clear and absolutely beautiful. And can I just say once again how much I adore camping. Especially when camping includes cute cabins. Cute cabins with AC and refrigerators and coffee pots.


out for summer

Pools and splash pads and parks and ice creeeeaaaam.
School's out for summah!
Okay, so it's been out for like a month now.
I'm still catching up.

P.S. I blogged about Porter's very first day of school over here.
Next up is three year old preschool.
Two days a week.
I still don't understand why they have to grow up so fast.

a mother's + father's day

These photos are actually from Mother's Day weekend, but this last weekend was Father's Day so Dan gets half of this post. Lucky! You know what else Dan gets? A giant pat on the back for helping us get through a long weekend without power. We went to bed Friday night listening to rain outside our window and woke up soon after to one hot bedroom and Sherman licking our hands, his way of politely asking us what in the world happened to his ceiling fan. No fans. No air conditioning. And one big Kansas City heat advisory. We made it through the night and bailed to the in-laws the next day, gladly coming back home to a cool house and LIGHTS on Monday morning. Dan spent his entire father's day weekend packing and unpacking clothes and diapers, dog food and toys, and setting up and taking down monitors and noise machines, mattresses and bedding. And just making sure his boys (and girl) were happy and comfortable and COOL. Thanks for taking care of us, Dan. Power or no power, we all know how lucky we are.


that hair though

And here we thought Baby Porter had curly hair. 
Keller's current nicknames:
Curly Sue
Curly K
Go figure.


boys will be boys

I promise you, every other time I look up from the dishes and look out our little kitchen window to check on the boys, Porter has his pants down around his ankles and is proudly peeing on the trunk of our giant maple tree and Keller is frantically shoving dirt and leaves down his already filthy cloth diaper. On days like these, bugs are usually consumed and flowers are typically destroyed. But gosh are they happy. Like pigs in mud.