obligatory easter family photo

Yeah, yeah.
I know Easter was like 12 days ago.
But I've been busy.
I told Porter, the kid who has been asking for jelly beans the moment he wakes up, every single morning, for the past 12 days, that the Easter Bunny came back and took away all the jelly beans and pastel colored m&m's. He replaced them with oranges and apples and grapefruit. Porter is less than thrilled with EB right now. And I've been busy trying to hide the evidence. So far I've consumed 98 jelly beans and three bags of m&m's. The things we do for our children. 


another dangerous post

I'm done having kids.
I'm done having kids. 
I'm done having kids.

Stop it Keller.

so big

Porter has been running around saying big kid words like "lilac bushes" and "watermelon" and "mannequins" (thanks Target) and today he said "this orange is super sour mom." Not mommy. Just mom. So I've decided that he is no longer allowed to wear pants. Just diapers. Because diapers mean he's not all grown up yet. Right?


bumbo baby

I mentioned that Keller recently took his first bite of sweet potato. And I literally gave him one bite to start out with. My plan was to take it slow with solids. To just give him a couple of bites here and there, and to wait several days before introducing a new food. But somehow the kid is already eating two meals a day and has tried sweet potato, avocado, banana and rice cereal. And it's only been a week. He opens his mouth for more. Leans forward for more. Cries out for more. More More More! Tonight, after dinner, I frantically steamed and blended some green beans for Keller to try sometime soon and we plan to whip up some carrot puree to freeze tomorrow. Just to be ready. The only bad thing about this new love for solid foods? His already-hard-to-squeeze-in-the-bumbo cinnamon roll knees are just going to get bigger. And these bumbos only come in one size. So I'm soaking up every second of my bumbo baby. Because bumbo babies don't keep. 

the gray cart punishment

Oh toddlers. Can't live with 'em. Can't live without 'em. Porter is truly the sweetest little boy. Most of the time. But he can also drive us a bit bonkers with his very persistent and very stubborn little toddler attitude. The other day Dan was trying to get Porter ready to go to the grocery store. Dan tried to change his diaper and Porter squirmed around like a fish. Dan tried to help him put his shoes on and Porter cried and said his feet were "broke." Dan tried to zip up his fleece hoodie and he threw his little two year old self on our dirty hardwood floors. It was at this point that mean ole daddy couldn't take it anymore. He locked eyes with Porter and pointed his mean ole daddy finger right in front of Porter's face and in his most serious mean ole daddy voice said ... "when we get to the store, we're getting a gray cart. Not a blue race car. Just a gray cart." 

I was sitting nearby, nursing Keller at the time, and tears were streaming down my cheeks because I was laughing so hard. I'm pretty sure this will be one of those stories that is only funny to me, as Porter's mom. But it was just too perfect. I mean, to make a kid sit in an old gray shopping cart instead of getting to turn the steering wheel in a shiny blue race car ... Porter was obviously in biiiiig trouble. ;)