turkey tragedy

So the backstory. It's short. But not sweet. Basically imagine a two year old. A very dramatic, "I think my life is over whenever something very bad or semi-bad or not very bad at all happens" two year old. Exhibit A and Exhibit B. And imagine that this two year old made a beautiful turkey with shiny finger paint and vibrant colored feathers. This two year old loved his turkey very much and was carrying it around graciously when all of a sudden his 120 pound horse-of-a-dog came up and snatched a purple feather right off the turkey's back.
Talk about opening the floodgates. 
I tried my best to console him.
But at one point he couldn't breathe.
So I just gave up and started taking pictures. 
Mother of the year!
Don't worry.
The brothers made up within 62 seconds.
Until the next fight broke out over a rogue cheerio found under the couch.
Oh the drama in this house on a daily basis.
Did I tell you?
I'm having wine for dinner.


two months say whaaaat?

The pictures above are not from Keller's two month photo shoot. I'm not that organized. But Dan did remind me just a few minutes ago that our baby boy turned two months old yesterday. A necessary reminder since I'm not that organized. My goodness, time is flying! I love reading other blogger's monthly baby updates, but I honestly can't figure out how to write one and therefore have yet to do so. I mean, what updates do I have for you, sweet Keller boy. You still drink mama's milk and you still poop a lot and you still wake up in the middle of the night. That's pretty much you in a nutshell. But such a cute little nut you are. Happy two months, baby boy!

taking care of daddy

Dan had septoplasty surgery early yesterday morning. I like to say septoplasty surgery versus deviated septum surgery because septoplasty surgery sounds more serious. And then your in-laws will bring over a cooked ham and take your dog for a walk. Because you know, septoplasty surgery deserves that. So Dan had surgery and Porter and I have been doing our best to nurse him back to health. We've done a pretty good job, I'd say. Last night we made him mashed potatoes from a bag and this morning we whipped up some banana nut muffins after Porter dropped two uncracked eggs in the batter and spilled a half a cup of milk on the floor. I'm giving us an A for effort. High five, P!


just because he's dressed

The kid prefers to stay in his pajamas all day, most days. And who can blame him. So when you actually put a real onesie on him ... and pants! ... and socks! ... pictures are most definitely necessary. Plus, the Sherm dog was being extra cute and protective. Or maybe I hid a cookie under Keller's left leg. You'll never know. But when Keller isn't in real clothes or real pajamas, we get to enjoy this chunky monkey ...
Making all the breastfeeding challenges worth it ... 
one belly pic at a time.

that moment

That moment you look in the rear-view mirror and see your three kids for the very first time. And not really for the very first time ... but sort of. Like BAM! Holy smokes! We have three kids! When the heck did that happen? Dan and I have our five year anniversary coming up at the end of this month and I feel like we were in Mexico yesterday getting married. And looking at this picture of all three kids in the car is so strange. And the car! A Subaru Outback. A car made to tote around three kids. Where did my Pontiac Sunfire go? And when did we have three kids? Are you sick of me saying three kids yet? Me too. Two kids and a dog. Better? ;)