essential oils // tiff's tips

Several nights ago Keller cuddled up in his crib at his normal 6:30pm bedtime. After a very long evening, I finally crawled into bed around 11:30pm. Exhausted. Soooo ready to sleep seven hours straight. I closed my eyes and started drifting off when I heard the worst sound ever. Baby cries. Baby cries do something to me. They are horrific to my ears. Especially at 11:30pm when all you want to do is sleep. Baby cries. Noooo! So I crawled out of my warm, cozy bed and went to check on Keller. He immediately calmed down when I scooped him out of his crib and laid his head down on my chest. I rocked him for a minute and gently put him back in his crib with a pacifier.

Okay. Not working.

Picked him up again. Decided to try nursing. This seemed to calm him, so I placed him back in his crib. Walked the 6 feet back to our bedroom, and crawled back into bed.


12:25am: Waaaaaaaaaaa.

This time Dan got up. Keller is usually a daddy's boy but not this time. Waaaaaaaa. It was at this time that my tired mind went "oh duh, teething!" Keller is currently working on his two big front teeth, complete with drooling everywhere and chewing on everything. I thought about going to the kitchen to get my Copaiba oil bottle. But I was tired. And lazy. So I just went back into Keller's room and held him again. Placed him back in his crib.

RAN to the kitchen to get the Copaiba bottle.
Put two small drops of Copaiba in the palm of my hand. Dipped my finger in the oil and rubbed all over Keller's gums, concentrating on where his two front teeth are staring to show.


He laid his head back on my chest and gave a little sigh, as if to say "thanks mom, I love you sooooo much." At least that's what I took it as. :) I placed Keller back in his crib and didn't hear a single peep until 7:30am. I don't know why, but every time an oil works I say, "holy cow, these things really work!" After nearly three years of using oils in lieu of modern medicine, I have to be honest, I'm still a little shocked/amazed/THRILLED every time an oil does something amazing.

My point? Copaiba oil, and all essential oils, are my best friends right now during this stage of motherhood.

And coffee.

And French silk pie.

And naps.

The end.


life lately

brothers part II

I promise I do actually get my kids dressed. Some days.
I promise I feed my kids something other than Cheerios. Every other day.
I promise my kids don't just play with curtains and hats. They play with toys too. Most days.
I promise we do have a whole lot of fun. Every day.

monday funday

Dan took every Monday off this summer. We have been completely spoiled and although I am looking forward to a new month, hopefully a cooler month, I really really hate to see August go. Because I know that means the start of five day work weeks for Dan ... the daddy who has been taking us to duck ponds and swimming pools and fun trips to IKEA and special family lunch dates ... on Mondays! Soon he will have to start working on Mondays. And that's when I will start crying on Mondays. So now I think he should start taking Fridays off for the fall and winter months. That would solve all the problems.


nap time

What does nap time mean to us? 

It means Keller sleeps from about 1:30-2:45pm.
It means Porter sleeps from about 2:00-3:30pm. 
It means Sherman snores the entire time.
It means I get 45 minutes to myself.

Sometimes it means I get to clean the kitchen.
Sometimes it means I get to fold laundry.
Sometimes it means I get to pick up 83 legos.
But sometimes ... oh sometimes ... it means I get to take random pictures and eat Trader Joe's caramel popcorn and drink iced coffee in the sunroom.
And then I get to blog about it.
Sometimes nap time means everything.